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Roces M12 UFS Black Skates

Roces M12 UFS Black Skates

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The Roces M12 UFS Black Skates come as standard with a Roces frames, Roces wheels 58mm / 88a and Roces plastic anti-rocker wheels in the middle. As they say, "If it ain't broke don't fix it"! The Classic Roces has proven to be one of the most supportive, responsive skates for years and recently you can see some of the worlds best like Alex Broskow and David Sizemore going back to them. Extremely lightweight and slimline. One of the lightest aggressive skates on the market.

Size tip: While the Valo skates are quite narrow, they fit regular to your trainer size. If, however, you are in doubt or between sizes please buy a size bigger.

Worried about size? Don't. We offer a free size swap.

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5 Average Rating 5/5 (2 reviews)
4 stars true to size Written by

Got the UK 11 and normally wear the same in shoes. They fit my feet perfectly. I was worried they might be too tight width-wise but no problem. An ok skate for the price and look great too.

5 stars Literally the same 20 years later Written by

I bought these because I wanted to rollerblade with my KIDS... they're almost exactly the same as when I bought them 20 years ago. As they say, if the the mold ain't broke...

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Can you cut the cuff down on these skates like the Remz cuffs as it looks like it's pre scored? Simon

Hi Simon, yes it is possible to do this, and there is a line to cut along which will make it easier. It hasn't been designed for this purpose, so in doing so you are doing it at your own risk! Thanks, Harry. 

Could I change the frame and put 80mm wheels with ILQ7 bearings. I had before Roces, Lowrider model. I remember didn`t have any problem with them doing Powerblading. Usually now a days I am going for long distances and faster but I also would like to enjoy some skates parks on the way. Which skates would you recommend Roces M12, Rollerblading Twister Edge or Powerslide Next 80mm? My shoes size is UK 3,5/ US 6/ EUR 36,5. Could you guys custom the Powerslide Next like you did with Kaze 2018? As you can see I would like a hard cuff. thanks so much! Isabel

Hi Isabel, these skates are UFS so you can purchase any UFS frame and it will fit on. Something like the Ground Control 6061 Series Black 80mm Freeskate GC Frame Set-up could work really well. The other skates you mentioned have less opportunity to swap and change the frames. If you're looking to go to a park and do some tricks, then swap your frames around to cruise home these will be perfect. Cheers, Harry!

I'd like to order a pair of M12 in Bristol. If I see straight away that the size wont be good...will I be able to return them (completely unused) and hopefully switch them or smtng. I am pretty sure the size will be good...but just in case. Tnx Maura

Hello Mauro, if the skates are sent back to us unused and re-sellable we can issue a refund. We also offer a free UK size swap service so you can try a different size if it doesn't work out. Cheers, Harry!

hello, what is the maximum wheel size this frame can take? I've been using these skates for a long time, and I'd like to change the wheels to role faster.

Hi Iona, the frames look like they will fit a 60mm wheel but if you were to change frame this may have an impact. I'd stick with 58mm or below to be safe. Cheers, Harry

Can I replace the cuff on these and liner with Valo items and essentially make them low cuff Valo boots? Joe

Hi Joe, these come with the cuff bolts rivitied, so you'd need to drill them out. But, you could change the liner. We also stock the Roces M12 LO Boot only here. That way you get the low cuff , liner and you can add your own frame/wheels. Harry

On the m12 frames are the centre wheels anti rocker specific or can they be replaced with normal wheels?

You can replace them with normal wheels. Anything up to around 60mm and you'll be fine. Gaston. 

Any sense of if and when size 8 may come back in?

I doubt this will ever be available again dude! They're not available from my supplier in UK8 anymore. Finger's crossed Valo release another black V13 soon. Gaston. 

Hello I have a question regarding the axle size. is it 8mm or 6mm as far as the axle goes. I got a pair of m12 and they are amazing but I just wanted to change the wheels and currently shopping spacers for the bearings since the bearings I got are too loose on the axle. Thanks!

8mm! Gaston. 

Whats the difference between these and the Valo v13 Sizemore as you don't seem to have any of the complete Sizemore ones, only these (the Roces M12 UFS) also do you have your products in stock or do you have to order them in from different places as I have had inconvenience from the latter because they could not get them in.When buying what size do you recommend? I am a comfortable 9.5 in a pair of nike SB Max. Thanks.

The Valo V13 Sizemore boot has an improved liner, a better cut cuff and overall improved rigidity in the whole mould of the boot iteself. The Sizemore boot never came as a complete set up, but if you want this, it can be arranged, no problem. All our stock is live, meaning it's physically here with us at the shop ready to ship too you. If you are a UK9.5 in trainers, I'd suggest trying a size UK10 Valo, or even UK11 - depending on how you like to wear your skates. If there is an issue with size, we can arrange a size or skate swap. Gaston. 

Hi do you have a rough eta on this skate in uk size 10. Thanks

I've just checked for you and they aren't available for us to re-stock in size 10 anymore. Remember that the Valo V13 Sizemore pro model skate is arriving in the next few days, this is an almost identical skate, if not better! Gaston. 

So I'm planning on putting a powerblading frame on these and was wondering if the anti rockers on these come with bearings if not would I need to purchase 4 more bearings and spacers?

There are no bearings in these anti rocker wheels, so yes you will need to purchase some other bearings too (2 per wheel so a pack of 8 will be needed). The outer wheels have abec 5 bearings in them. This frame actually has 6mm axles rather then 8mm, so new bearing spacers will be needed for all the bearings, but all of the powerblade frames we sell come with these spacers included.  

I'd like to buy me roces M12 with a good liner as jug? I put on the 43 do you think this is possible? I was told that the shell of valo V13 was much more flexible than the M12. is this true?

The original M12 from years ago had a harder compound shell I think, the new one you see here has the same compound shell as the V13 though. I'm afraid the Jug liner will not fit this skate. If you wanted to change the liner your best option would be the Trust Special Ops liner.

Wheel hardness??


Will you be getting these skates back in in a size uk 11 ? Will

Hi Will - This will come back into stock but unfortunately it may not arrive for another few weeks (2 weeks minimum I'd say). Maybe have a look at some of the very similar Valo V13 models if your are trying to get hold of them a bit earlier.

Does the shell size change from a 9 - 9.5 - 10 ? Or just the liner ?

Shell sizes are:

Can I get these in a UK 9? I'm in between a 8 and a 9 and this skate is just what I'm looking for. Leon.

Hi Leon - We should see the uk9 return to stock in these towards the end of April. Keep an eye on the site!

Hi there, just a few questions. What bearings do these come with? What is the max wheel size and what weight are they? + can the Kizer Advance Level 2 frame fit this? Also, you mentioned the liner was thinner than the Valo V13; is it much thinner/noticeable difference? And finally, the trusted ops liner was designed for a slimmer skate like this, but does that liner compensate for the rise of the cuff on this skate (ie, is it suitable)? Many thanks :)

Quick answers for you:

-ABEC 5 bearings
-Max wheel size depends on frames. Stick to below 60mm to be safe
-Weight varies with size, The M12 is the lightest non-carbon fibre skate on the market though
-Yes, you can notice the difference in liner thickness through touch
-Good point regarding the Trust liner, I'd recommend only using that on the V13 infact... like you say you might find the higher cuff digs into your leg at the back

These are memory foam liners? What is the difference between the Roces and the Valo V13 liners?

Hi There - There is nothing to suggest these liners use memory foam specifically (not many liners do). The Valo liners feel slightly thicker than the Roces ones and the Roces are higher at the back (see images). Generally the overall shape and construction of the liners is quite similar though (they are both designed to fit the same shell)

Hi - First question can i get replacement cuffs for my supreme turbo 33's as the pair i bought form you 3 years ago have completly split from the top back, total disintegrated on the rink!! have strapped up with gaffer tape as i love the boot!! 2nd question, can you rink/promenade & pavement skate with aggressive inlines, such as the roces m12 ufs, I only have quads, have never inline skated, but fancy learning so i can hit the revoulution skate park, but i dont want learner ?? inlines, would prefer to have a pair of decent aggressives & my supreme turbo's...if they last being strapped up!!!!! Alan

Hi Alan - Sorry to hear about the cuffs on your skates. I've called about for you and I'm afraid the cuffs aren't available separately as they are riveted on and not designed to be replicable. After three years they are, of course, out of warranty. You could however, drill out the cuff rivets and put some Razors cuffs in black and USD replacable cuff bolts on there. You can skate aggressive skates on streets and pavements, they will be slower than recreational or freestyle skates but it will be the best choice for you if you want to take them into the skatepark.

hi,how match do these skates weight??And because i can't decide,i wanna ask which ones do you recomend...usd vii clan grey 2013 or roces m12 ufs black???please help me decide :P

Both are great skates. The distinguishing differences are: The USD has a bigger soulkit and the Roces is super light yet solid. The Roces are the lightest aggressive skates available (which aren't made from Carbon Fibre)

Hi there. i hate asking a silly question. Are these the exact same as the valo v13s bar the lower cuff? I am a 8 in JJ lights so would be thinking that a 8 in these would be fine. Also am i right in saying that the souls are just a bit smaller on these from the JJ lights? Cheers

Hi Ryan,

These are the same as the Valo V13's yes, however they do fit a bit narrower then most of the Valo Carbon's, so you may benefit from a size bigger if you have wide feet. They also come with their own soul kits which are a bit slimmer then the stock Valo two-piece souls but not by much :-)

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