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Quad roller skates buyers guide

Quad skates is the preferred term for old style 4x4 roller skates.

There's many different reasons why you may want to ride on quad skates. Maybe for sentimental value because you had them when you were a kid, or maybe you want to throw yourself into your local rollerdisco or even just rock the retro vibe in the park! Quad skates can sometimes have better grip than inline skates because there is more surface area of the wheels touching the ground, although they won't hold their speed as well as an inline skate because generally the wheels are smaller (so they need to rotate more times to achieve a certain distance). Many people feel more stable in quad skates. In actual fact inline skates are often more stable because they usually have a longer wheel-base from front to back for more stability. Generally if you are going to lose your balance you will fall backwards or forwards (not topple over sideways like many seem to think... plus you have two legs so you can't 'topple'!). Regardless of these physics; if you feel more stable in your mind on quad skates then that will certainly affect your confidence and performance when you are out skating which, after all, is the only thing that really matters! In terms of 'products available', the Quad skate market isn't huge, in fact there's quite a few brands just making the same thing when it comes to the hard plastic skates; a basic polyurethane shell with a liner and wheels. We've figured out the best value and quality versions for you so you don't have to trawl through all the different brands. You may be familiar with the Classic Bauer Turbo skates. These are no longer in production however there is very close replacements (keep reading). You can also buy the soft style rollerboots which are heavily associated with 70's disco. Generally their performance isn't as good as the plastic shell skates we stock but they are still good for skating around indoors (ie a Roller Disco!). Other styles of quad skates we sell are artistic skates which are white leather with a raised heel designed for dance and Roller Derby skates (used for Roller Derby of course). Both of these styles can still be used for regular recreational use if you wish.

Top Quad Skates to look out for:

For all round outdoor and indoor use our most popular model is the Ventro pro skates for their robust design and reasonable price. If you want something more luxurious then the Supreme Turbo skate offers a similar product with upgraded components. The Supreme Turbo takes off where the classic Bauer Turbo skate left off. In fact, it's the same mould with a more comfortable liner and better wheels than the Bauer Turbo used to have. They've re-labelled the sizes since the old Bauer Turbo skates so they now fit accurate to size.

-For soft fabric disco skates have a look at the range of Rio Roller skates and Rookie skates, all available at affordable prices.

-For Kids quad skates pay particular attention to the Orion skates ad well as the SFR Storm and the SFR Miami from Stateside. All models are available in Girls and Boys colours specifically. We've found these to be the best value size adjustable kids quad skates available.