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Adapt Brand skates have been in the industry since 2012.  The handmade boot company is run by Olga Bouwhuis and Pieter Wijnant out of The Hague, Netherlands.  With a unique mix of high-end freeskates, frames, bearings, wheels and bags, you can think of Adapt Brand as the Ferrari of the inline world; with a price tag to match. 

There are no equal comparisons to Adapt Brand Skates in the current market.  If this high-end skate is something you're ready for, you will absolutely get your moneys worth, with a very special skate made to basically last forever... 

"Adapt is the first contemporary skate brand with a blank background. No old moulds, no big corporations backing it up, a completely new skate just made for rolling. Rollerblading is growing up. Time for our boots to follow." - Pieter Wijnant, ADAPT BRAND