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365 Day returns


Why shop at Loco?

1. Easy 365 Day Returns

UK customers can use our online portal to book parcels back to us. You can return items for a refund or to store credit (this means you don't have to wait for the refund from your bank if you'd like to order something else). You have 365 from purchase to return. Click on the 'Exchanges and Returns In The UK' link on the bottom of our website to book a return. See more detailed info on UK exchanges

Non-UK based customers can use our international returns portal to arrange a collection of their parcel using our special discounted business rates (so will cost you less than arranging the returned delivery yourself). You can drop the parcel off at a local drop-off point or have the parcel collected by DHL (depending on your location).

2. Physical Store

We paid our dues from day one and have a very well stocked shop near Hailsham, Sussex, UK. This means we are available on a land-line phone during regular business hours and you don't need to worry that one day we are going to disappear into oblivion along with your order. You can come down to try on skates or resolve any issues with us by talking to a real skater.

3. More Stock

The single most important thing you need to run a shop! We are the biggest stockist of inline skates in the UK. Because we have both a physical store AND a leading website run from the same premises this allows us to cross-over our stock, giving both our online customers and our walk-in customers more choice and higher stock levels.

4. Live Stock 

99% of the items you see on our website is physically here in stock and ready to dispatch. Many other websites advertise stock which they have to 'special order' (sometimes from abroad!) delaying your delivery time and increasing the likelihood of mistakes.


5. Free Gifts With Skates

Buy some skates, we'll include free stuff! Gifts will varying depending on stock available.

6. Text Message Tracking

As well as email tracking, all orders in the UK are sent with our text message delivery service. This means that on the morning of your delivery you get a text message to your mobile phone advising you of a delivery window when your package will arrive so you don't have to wait in all day. Orders outside the UK will receive email tracking information.

7. International Orders

We send internationally. You may find it's cheaper to order from the UK. Our international delivery rates are extremely competitive. Learn more about international deliveries.

8. Skater Run 

We're not saying that we deserve your charity just because we are also skaters but you will be safe in the knowledge that we KNOW what you're going on about and understand our products since we use them too. Call us and ask us what those skates are like...we'll tell you! Greater product knowledge means we are more likely to get your order right! 

9. Unique Product Shots and Descriptions

We dedicate a lot of time to making the item descriptions on our website unique. Because we skate ourselves you will get more opinions and greater attention to detail on most product descriptions (rather than a copy & pasted standard manufactures product description). Most of our product photos are taken in-house so you can see angles of products that you won't see anywhere else on the web.

10. Customer Service 

We pride ourselves on being able to offer a service which is second to none. Your calls come straight through to our shop and you will always speak to somebody with good product knowledge.