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Brexit Info


Brexit. It's not ALL bad news...

In 2019 LocoSkates prepared for Brexit by installing advanced checkout software.

As far as we are aware we are the only rollerblading shop worldwide to be using software of this type. This is the same software which is being used by Marks & Spencer, Harvey Nichols and many more large retailers.

When you order from Loco into the EU, you will not receive any extra import charges from the delivery company when the product arrives with you. The price displayed on our website is the final amount you will ever pay. You will not have to pay any VAT, you will not have to pay any duty and you will not have to fill out any paperwork. In fact, for the customer; nothing has changed.


What will happen if I'm in an EU country and I order from a UK shop without these advanced checkout features?

When you order from a website without these advanced checkout features you will now have to pay:

 - Import duty (3% of the order value in the case of 'skates'). This is due on all orders over €150/£130, so most skates.

 - Local VAT (between 16% and 23% depending on what country you are ordering to). This VAT charge is due on all orders over €22 (and on ALL orders from July 2021)

- A handling fee (varies depending on the courier)

These charges would usually be charged to you by the courier firm delivering your package. The courier would not release the package until you pay.

You will not receive these charges when ordering from Loco

What about if I'm in the UK and I order from a shop in the EU?

Same as above. (But the UK VAT is charged at 20% on the nose!)

Some shops might show cheaper prices to customers browsing from the UK to offset some of these additional costs but the above import fees will still be due upon delivery.


Are delivery times being affected?

Deliveries coming into the UK are being effected and there are delays. This includes stock which we are having delivered from Europe. Since January the 18th Loco is working with a dedicated forwarding company to solve these issues. We are now 'collecting' all stock from Europe (as opposed to having it delivered by the supplier). This gives us better control over delivery times and costs. We expect to experience no more cross border delays from here on out.

Individual orders sent by Loco into Europe are not being delayed by Brexit, although the pandemic is causing some small delays on some parcels. We have removed all delivery services which have experienced longer delays in pandemic times and are now only using more reliable DHL and DPD services for international deliveries.

Will product prices be affected by Brexit?

We expect there to be some minimal price increases to some products (not all), these RRP's are set by the manufacturer (not Loco). It's likely to be no more than £5 or £10 on a pair of skates and less on cheaper skates/accessories.

There's a couple of scenarios that could play out:

1. Prices of some skates in the UK end up being marginally higher than if buying from Europe... (but with no import fees if you order within the UK)

2. Suppliers push up their RRP's marginally for ALL countries and RRP's remain equal in both the UK and the EU (albeit marginally higher than before)

This information is speculative at this time and we will update this page with more solid information over the next few weeks as we find out more.