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Learning to skate | Beginners guide

We sell skates everyday to brand new skaters. While getting into the flow may sometimes seem a little intimidating you can be safe in the knowledge that you are not alone. Some people get into skating for fitness and some just for fun. Whatever your goals we'd like to be able to give you a few handy tips for the first time you put your skates on.

Once you've bought a pair of skates that are suitable for you (see our buyers guides for skates) you might want to make sure you are getting the most out of the blades. No one wants to be the guy who falls on their bum then gives up, it'll take a little getting used to but you'll be there soon enough. Our number 1 tip? RELAX. You'll only fall if you get all anxious and stiffen up so keep it floppy and you'll stay upright!! There's really no need to 'hold on'. 

While trial and error is a pretty effective learning process; sometimes you'll need a few specific technique tips to get you rolling. Our friend Asha has been teaching beginners to skate since the invention of the wheel (almost). Take 8 minutes out of your day to gain a lifetime of knowledge by watching the video below. Then jump onto Asha's website and mailling list to get more quality content.

(This video is entitled 'How To Learn Triskating' but is relevant across the board, regardless of the type of skates you have)


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