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Collection: Inline Skates & Roller Blades

We use the term Rollerblades to describe inline skates for general use, l...

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Inline skates, rollerblades; call it what you like. Here you can find a wide selection of skates for fitness, fun, leisure and recreation. If you're unfamiliar or unsure what you're looking for, take a look below or give us a call at the shop.

Recreational / Fitness / Softboot Skates
Used for skating on the seafront or in the park and usually have a soft upper section for added comfort. 

Freestyle / Hardboot Skates
Commonly know as freeskates, these tend to have a hard supportive boot and a short wheel base for tight turns. These are meant for urban/city skating but many people also use them as regular recreational or fitness skates.

3 Wheel Skates
  Popular now as they house bigger wheels for more speed.

Childrens / Junior skates
We stock a wide variety of Roller Skates and Inline Skates for kids. Junior skates often have the ability to extend in size with the push of a button so that your kids don't grow out of them too quickly.