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Collection: Inline Skate Wheels

If you're skating hard enough you'll need to replace your wheels ...

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The part of your skate you'll need to replace the most, your wheels. Commonly recreational and freestyle skates come with 80mm wheels but they can range from anywhere between 72mm and 125mm in diameter. The bigger your wheels, the less times they have to rotate to achieve a certain distance, meaning you can keep you speed for longer on big wheels (but accelerate and turn more quickly on small wheels). We'd recommend 80mm as the standard size for 4 wheel skates and 110mm as standard size for 3 wheel skates (tri-blades). Pay attention though, your frames will have to be big enough to house the wheel size you want so make sure you check first.

Did you know:
 Skate wheels used to be made from Clay Composite; a combination of paper, plastic and ground walnut shells!