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We carry one of the UK largest selections of Roller Skates for Women. Va...

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If you're a new Roller Skater you might be wondering what exactly you are looking at. Let's cut to the point, most women buying skates right now are going for 'vintage style' rollerskates. They're the ones with the raised heel, a high ankle cuff (like a boot) and in loads of stunning colour options. Popular brands are Moxi (top-end), Chaya (mid-range) and Impala (low priced). These are mostly what all those people dancing on TikTok are wearing! You can also buy what we might call 'disco style' skates; they have a low ankle and flat foot position, often appearing in bright colours. If you're a cold war kid the you might have fond memories of hard-boot skates (like Bauer Turbos). This style is produced alot less nowadays but you can still pickup great options from both Roces and Supreme.