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Collection: Urban & Freestyle Skates

Freestyle skates as a term has been debated (Freeskate and Freeride are o...

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Freestyle skates, or 'Freeskates' refers to inline skates with a short wheel base for manoeuvrability and stiff ankle support, usually achieved by a hard-boot. These skates are liked by city skaters, slalom skaters and even regular recreational skaters looking for a more urban look and feel...

Freestyle skates, Freeskates or Slalom skates are defined by the fact that they have a short wheel base and a stiff upper boot with lots of support. They mostly all have 80mm wheels placed close together for optimum manoeuvrability. They are broadly used for lots of different types of skating with the focus being on skating disciplines where you might need a tight turning circle and responsive manoeuvrability such as Slalom skating, city skating and confined indoor skating. Many people also use them for regular recreational outdoor skating and leisure use (but also have a look under our 'roller blades' section if this is your bag!).