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Collection: Aggressive Skating Wheels

Aggressive Skating wheels are designed to keep you low to the ground for ...

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Aggressive skating wheels are generally harder and smaller in comparison to other inline skate wheels. The small size allows the skater to ride lower to the ground for more control and the hardness will add speed and durability (as small skate wheels wear quicker than regular wheels. These days, aggressive skate wheels range from 54mm to 80mm in size. The hardness tends to almost always be rated at '88a' or '90a'. Don't get too hung up on hardness ratings though, the specific compound of each separate brand will have a much greater effect on grip/speed/performance! You can also buy anti rocker wheels (or sometimes known as grind wheels). These are very small, very hard wheels for use as the 2nd and 3rd wheel on the frame (bigger wheels placed on the 1st and 4th position to form an 'anti rocker' set up) and they don't touch the ground. They allow easier grind tricks between the middle two wheels and deflect impact when riding down stairs or similar terrain.