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About LocoSkates

Thanks for visiting our skate shop. Loco is made up of a team of dedicated, passionate professionals who love to rollerblade. We have a physical shop in Eastbourne, Sussex, near Brighton, on the sunny south coast of England where we do in-store fittings, run the website and drink ALOT of tea! Our website is considered as an industry leader worldwide for those who want to buy skates online. We are the premier UK shop for inline skates / Rollerblades, 6-times 'UK Skate Shop Of The Year' [UK Rolling Awards] and 'Best International Shop' 2015, 2016 and 2017 [ONE magazine awards, USA]

The LocoSkates idea arose in early 2004, our goal; a real sports / skate store in Eastbourne. Proudly flying the Skater-Run flag, LocoSkates specializes in skates and everything affiliated; filling the void that fashion stores, skateboard shops, non skater-run outfits and website-only stores couldn’t when attempting to sell such a specialist product. 

Loco was founded by long-time skater Jake Eley who continues to run the shop and website today alongside the rest of the team. Jake is best known for his committed involvement in the UK rollerblading industry, for his exposure with K2 skates from '01 onwards , British Inline Champion 2002 and more recently for his involvement in media projects involving rollerblading including music videos, events, TV shows and online viral videos.

Loco has long been a popular resource for the core rollerblading scene due to our grasp on what’s current in rollerblading and pedantic product knowledge whilst simultaneously being popular amongst those who are new to the sport for our competitive prices, easy to use web-interface and straight-to-the-point advice. We continue to push the business year upon year with great faith that the more professional we can look as an industry, the more appealing we can be as a participant sport. 

The LocoSkates pro-team of riders reflects the core, dedicated passion of it’s primary customer base and includes some of the world’s best skaters. Richie Eisler, Joe Atkinson, Alex Burston, Leon Humphries, Elliot Stevens, Sam Crofts, Dan Collins are a mix of pro skaters, world champions, viral superstars and local legends. All skating for Loco for the simple fact that this is the REAL THING. Check out our team pages for more on these guys and other Loco reps.

We are also involved heavily in event sponsorship, tours, contests, media, skater promotion, product manufacturing and generally setting the standard for being the most pro-active skate shop in the UK. 

LocoSkates expanded in 2012 with our bigger, better high street store and a clean new website, then again in late 2017 moving to a Business Park premises but continuing to trade from our on site shop here at the warehouse.  We continue to build for the future with our ever-expanding website and stock levels. We pride ourselves on doing the job properly: We have a physical shop, all our stock is ready to be dispatched and the website is updated daily!

Thanks to all our supporters. :-)