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What Is Wizard Skating?

What Is Wizard Skating?

Discovering the Magic of Wizard Skating

Wizard Skating, an innovative and evolving skating discipline, was conceived in Canada in 2014 by Leon Basin. To truly understand Wizard Skating, we need to delve into its technological foundations and the visionary approach behind it.


The Genesis of Wizard Skating

Leon Basin, rooted in aggressive skating, owned a shop called Shop Task, which eventually expanded to sell all styles of skates. This shop became the perfect platform for Leon to develop new products and build a strong partnership with the brand Seba. Leon noticed that while most skaters used 80mm and 84mm wheels, a skate with 90mm wheels could offer a more stable wheelbase. However, the larger wheels also reduced manoeuvrability due to an increased turning circle.


Logic Makes Magic

Leon’s breakthrough came from analysing data from Shop Task’s wheel turning service. He observed that wheels worn in a specific way allowed skates to move more naturally. This insight led to the design of a 90mm frame with a subtle rocker, which he termed a “natural rocker.” This design eliminated the break-in period, making the frames manoeuvrable right out of the box.


Introducing the Wizard Frame

Thus, the Wizard Frame was born—a 90mm CNC machined UFS frame with a natural rocker. This innovative frame addressed common customer issues and revitalized the rollerblading experience. The brand further experimented with wheel sizes to accommodate different foot lengths, leading to the creation of three frames: NR90, NR100, and NR110. Thus, Wizard Skating was established, grounded in the principles of long wheelbase frames and natural rockers.


The Evolution of Wizard Skating

With the technology in place, Leon Basin and Colin Brattey began developing moves that utilised the unique features of the Wizard frames. The earliest documentation of these moves can be seen in the following video, filmed in Vancouver in 2014:


The Core of Wizard Skating

Wizard Skating is based on three fundamental stages: “predator,” “parallels,” and “gazelles.” These stages can be performed in various ways—moving forward or backward, with two feet or one, and with hips open or closed in all variations. Essentially, these stages expand the boundaries of movement by introducing novel ways to transition from forward to backward (and vice versa) on rollerblades. These foundational stages paved the way for the development of the PR and Advanced frames, and even their own boot.


The Growth and Influence of Wizard Skating

While Wizard Skating was founded by Leon Basin’s brand, other brands quickly followed suit, creating their versions of wizard frames. Notable brands include NN Frames, Endless Blading, Roka Skating, YoYo Frames, FR Skates, and even Powerslide. These brands have broadened the scope of Wizard Skating by offering frames compatible with various mounting systems, such as classic 165 and Trinity, in addition to UFS.


Choosing the Right Frames

Each brand has its own philosophy regarding frame and wheel combinations for different boot styles. We recommend contacting us for personalised recommendations based on your foot size and the skates you intend to use. If you prefer to experiment, feel free to do so, but be aware that it might not always work as expected.

What is Wizard Skating?

Wizard Skating is not just an activity but a dynamic and creative expression on wheels. As it continues to evolve, it invites skaters to explore new boundaries and enjoy a more enriched skating experience.

...and if our explanation has left you wanting more, have a look at Tom's video (and give him a sub) 

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