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Three wheel skates make loads of sense. Three wheels tesselate really wel...

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It's surprising that it's taken this long for 3 wheel skates to catch on. It took a massive push by German brand Powerslide to get this movement rolling in 2015. Now anyone with any engineering sense is starting to come around to the idea. By using three wheels on your skates instead of four you can place the wheels around the foot in a more space-conscious fashion (one wheel at each end of the foot and one sunk into your arch) allowing the boot to sit closer to the ground. Once you've managed to get the boot closer to the ground it opens up the opportunity for adding bigger wheels without the normal height compromise. Bigger wheels keep their speed better and absorb more shock; perfect for commuting, street skating, leisure, fitness and speed skating. Not only that but the worlds leading speed skaters are all using 3 wheeled skates with the top fifty riders at the Berlin marathon using 3x3. The proof is in the pudding! Have a look at our three wheel skates buying guide.