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Aggressive skates buyers guide

These are used for stunts on ramps, in skateparks and on the streets. Skip this section if you just want to skate for leisure or recreation!

An aggressive skate is built predominantly around the idea that it will be used for a lot of 'grind' tricks (sliding along rails and ledges). Grinding wears down your skates so parts are easily replaceable. Many of the models come with anti-rocker wheels. This is where the two middle wheels are smaller than the outer wheels and don't touch the ground. This makes many grind tricks easier because there is extra space to grind. Aggressive skates also have soul plates (yes 'soul'… that's not a spelling mistake!). Soul plates are also replaceable and used to do grind tricks on. An aggressive boot is built with rigid ankle support and a boot that is designed to take high impact. Some of the boots are made from plastic, some are made from Carbon Fibre (more expensive) a few are made from soft materials (a 'soft boot' or 'semi soft-boot'). Many models are now made with a hard boot which has a 'skin' over the top. This gives the the support of a hard boot but allows the skate manufacturer to give the skate a more unique look as if it were a soft boot.  Aggressive skates typically have smaller, harder wheels than other skates. Aggressive skate wheels are usually between 55mm and 60mm. A smaller wheel gets in the way less on many tricks and also allows a low centre of gravity for more stability. They are not so good for skating from A to B though! We also sell almost all our aggressive skates as a boot only version. This is where we remove the wheels and frames (the part which holds the wheels on) so that the experienced customer can choose their own wheels, frames and bearings (the bearings are located inside the wheels).
Top aggressive skates to look out for:
For the beginner have a look at the Razor Cult Street skates. Low price and solid construction make this the most popular entry level model aggressive skate that we stock. We also find that many light users who want to try some tricks but also want to skate recreationally like the range of K2 Fatty skates.

For Junior sizes the Razor Genesys Junior is our best selling aggressive skate. They extend from size uk2-uk5 to account for growth in kids. Also popular is the USD Transformer skates which have two size extendable versions to cover an even greater size range.

For a solid mid price range skate have a look at SSM skates and Valo skates. These models are our most popular all round aggressive skates.

For a high-end skate you might want to consider going for Carbon Fiber. Carbon Fiber skates are more expensive than plastic but offer a very rigid, very light, non-deteriorating material. The USD Carbon range (Carbon 2, Carbon 3, Carbon 4 etc) are our most popular high end Carbon Fiber skates. Valo also make a Carbon Fiber model called the Valo Light.

- If you are looking for convenience as well as performance you might like the Xsjado skates. Xsjado (pronounced Shadow) have two general models: The original Xsjado and the Xsjado 2.0. Available in various variations of colour. The 2.0 is the lighter, more modern version. The unique selling point of the Xsjados is the removable shoe which straps into the 'skeleton' of the skate making it easy to just whip your skates off and go walkies without bringing a spare pair of trainers with you!