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FR Skates is a skater-owned brand established in Paris in 2006, dedicated to delivering top-tier Freeride skates which deliver unparalleled comfort, endurance, and versatility. Co-founded by Sebastien Laffargue and Gregoire Pinto, two visionaries deeply embedded in the skating world, FR Skates goes beyond products; it's a pledge to the global skating community. Opting for FR Skates means embracing quality and backing global initiatives, emerging disciplines and the skaters who fuel our passion for skating across the globe.

FR Skates is where intricate design, French elegance and skater insights have redefined industry benchmarks. From the entry-level FRX and FR1 rollerblades to advanced carbon fiber pro models, FR Skates accommodates every inline enthusiast, offering a comprehensive range, including hardware, skate wheels and accessories.