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Roces is a brand with a rich legacy stretching back to 1952 that has evolved from crafting trekking and ski boots to pioneering innovations in skating. Right from the start the original Rollerblade skates which took the world by storm were manufactured by Roces in Italy and if you were a fan of Jon Julio’s brainchild Valo in the 2000s you have the Roces factory behind those skates too.
To this day Roces produces some of the most iconic and time-tested products in aggressive inline, quad and ice skating, with models such as the M12 aka “Majestic 12” now in production for nearly 30 years.

With a top international Pro team featuring Nils Jansons, Yuto Goto & Bobbi Spassov, a re-engineering of the classic 5th Element (now suitable for wider feet & UFS frames) alongside accessible skates great for beginners or professionals alike such as the 1992, Roces continue to be one of the most durable names in skating.