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Xsjado skates

Pronounced 'Shadow'. The brainchild of Shane Coburn and Dustin Latimer, the Xsjado skates design was originally 4 years in the making. Xsjado is the most unique skate on the market with it's skeleton/footwrap concept. The footwrap (shoe) is held into the outer 'skeleton' (shell) of the skate with a ski style ratchet, a toe strap and a cuff/ankle strap. You get very snug and solid fit with absolute heel-lock. The footwrap means you get awesome shock absorption and comfort. One of the most notable advantages is that you don't have to take any extra shoes with you! Just unstrap the skeleton and stride about in the stylish footwraps (they are fully walkable and the Xsjado footwrap/shoe range just keeps getting better and better). Another advantage of having the trainer style wrapped in a skeleton is the natural trainer like feel you get from having the skates on your feet. The Xsjado 2.0 skates finally hit the shelves in November 2012 with a whole new skeleton mould which was lighter, more basic and came in 4 different skeleton sizes giving a more true fit to the user (the previous model had just 2 skeleton sizes: small and large). Xsjado has received acclaim from some of the best skaters in the world over the years including Jeff Stockwell, Chris Farmer and Dustin Latimer.