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Welcome to the brand new Loco website! We are live and functioning and will be rolling out more new features over the next few weeks while we teethe. 

Our focus is on being the world's best skate shop. We've built a whole bunch of new features which we believe make us the most advanced website in the industry. #LOCOWORLDWIDE

While the site looks simplistic at first glance it’s been the most in depth and challenging project we’ve ever taken on! Here’s what’s new:

Cleaner look

Browse more easily, checkout more quickly.

Improved Search bar
More accurate results, bug fixes

VAT Discount for non EU countries
Phew... we did it. After over a year of figuring it out we are now showing non-European customers prices WITHOUT the EU tax (VAT). Our website detects where you are visiting from and displays the final price you will pay in your local currency MINUS the tax, 'live' while you are browsing. (For the final stage of checkout it will convert back to British pounds). This saving equates to around 17% so even though you may have to pay for international delivery our prices are likely to be cheaper than other shops.

Product filtering
It’s been a long time coming! When you are scrolling through a page of products you can now filter products by size, colour, price, brand and even wheel size!

Size Hover-over

This is a first in the blading industry. Hover your mouse over the thumbnail image when scrolling through skates to see what sizes are available (live stock levels, real-time!)

Improvement to brand navigation

You might recall how hard it was to navigate by brand on our old website. Sorted. Hover-over the new ‘Brands’ menu in the header to see all brands nicely ordered, alphabetically.

New Wishlist feature

For those who like to save it for later.

Size Tip
On each ‘product page’, tap the Size Tip button to find out if the skate you are looking at fits small, regular or large. (This feature is only on selected products but will be rolled out over more products as time goes on).

Improved Reviews and Questions features

Slicker, easier interface. When you write a review you can now upload an image for other website users to see.

‘Compatible With’ feature

When you add a product to cart we’ll tell you what other products are compatible, like what size wheels will fit the frames you are buying. (This feature is only on selected products but will be rolled out over more products as time goes on).

‘Find your delivery price’ tool

Figure out your exact shipping cost before you have to enter all your details at checkout. Just choose your country and postcode in the tool in your cart.

Country Currency Detector
Our website will detect what country you are visiting from and display all pricing in your local currency. We'll even round it down to the nearest Dollar/Euro/Yen etc so that it doesn't look weird.

Brexit ready
We’re taking the bull by the horns and making Brexit work for us. Using a Geo-location detector we’ll be able to offer lowered prices to European customers if it turns out that they won’t have to pay UK tax as a result of Brexit.

Stripe checkout.
Once you've made an order with your card you'll have the option for our checkout to remember your card details  so that next time you don't have to re-enter them. (fully secure of course, verify with a notification to your phone). Makes checkout super quick.