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How to choose the right size skates

Skates come in all different shapes and sizes, as do feet; so choosing the right size skates can leave you feeling a little bemused. With skates coming in different heights and widths as well as trying to take into consideration the 'spread' of your foot it's not always as simple as measuring your foot length.

Some of our more hardy customers commit to the pilgrimage of a country-long journey to try on skates in our Eastbourne shop (1hr 30mins south of London), but we understand that you are probably too busy to be galavanting around the country for a skate fitting marathon so popping in an order on our website is standard. We are, of course, happy to swap the size out for you should you order the wrong size but ideally we'd like to get it right first time. We try on every skate that comes through the door so we can offer you an accurate size tip tailored to each individual model which is displayed in the 'product info' for each skate. To further educate you on the complexities of skate fittings have a look at our video below which gives you some tricks, tips and theories to lacing the right size, first go!