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Straight out of California, the Razors Skates brand has been the most consistent selling aggressive skate brand of all time. Razors have four basic boot moulds/designs: The Cult boot-mould (the cheapest), the Genesys boot-mould (intermediate level) the SL (Superlight, high-end model) and the Razor Shift (High-end, quick-change frame and baseplate). Each boot-mould has multiple models with Razors releasing new models every few months. The Razor SL has seen huge popularity for it's solidity, unique features and quality manufacturing. With the Razors SL3 skates covering the basics. Razors continue to release models in each of their older ranges with the Cult skates being arguably the best value for money aggressive skates on the market, the Razor SL being an all time best seller and the Shift being the connoisseurs choice for a high performance aggressive skate model.