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Ordering Roller Skates and Inline Skates from Qatar.

Qatar lends well to rollerskating and rollerblading, with its year-round sunshine, modern architecture and smooth surfaces

We've seen an encouraging increase in the inline skating and roller skating scene in Qatar in recent years. Our specialist range of skates appeals to a demographic of skaters who want to push their skating and equipment to the next stage, as well as offering an unmatched range of reputable-but-affordable models of skate. Import taxes and duties for Qatar residents buying products from outside of the country are unusually low, so it's easy to get a pair of skates delivered to Qatar from the Locoskates HQ in the UK.

Delivery and extra costs when you buy skates from outside of the Qatar:
Packages usually arrive in around 3 business days. If there are any taxes and duties to pay then they are itemised and displayed at our checkout. You can choose to pay them at checkout or pay them at the point of import (we recommend that you pay them at checkout as this will mean the package gets through customs in Qatar quicker and with a lower change of the local authorities adding extra processing fees)

You'll actually find that each product listed on our site is a little cheaper if you are in Qatar (compared to if you were browsing from the UK), this is because we build in a 10% (approx) co-efficient into our pricing to offset some of the import costs that are charged on the order.

As an example of how much it will cost to buy from Locoskates when you are based in Qatar, have a look at the final 'door-to-door' pricing associated with one of our best selling products...

We send parcels internationally every day so we are super experienced at it. But, if you have any concerns of if you need extra help, give us a shout on email or the phone ( or +441323 840218)