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They've been around for almost as long as inline skating itself. K2 skates continue to be some of the best aggressive skates on the market. Their high quality build and engineering makes for an awesome ride. A little different to most other aggressive inline skates as a result of the cuff (ankle part) attaching to the inside of the baseplate flange (most cuffs 'overlap' rather than 'underlap'). This gives a whole different, more gradual flex on grind tricks. K2 have been producing the 'Fatty' style design since circa 1996 with an updated soulplate being introduced in recent times on the Unnatural and Front Street skates. K2's engineering experience in the fields of Skiing and recreational skate manufacturing means that their finished product has that extra twist of finesse. You're looking at K2 aggressive skates. Visit K2 recreational and fitness skates.