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Jonas X Richie

2 comments | Posted by Jake Eley on
Richie Eisler is trickling out footage from his seemingly bottomless bank and like all good artists, he is picking his moments carefully. Today sees the release of his Elite Series part in collaboration with Danish film making connoisseur Jonas Hansson. We caught up with Richie for some extra insight into one of the most exciting releases of the year...     Where was this section shot and how did it come about? We shot mostly in Copenhagen, with a couple short trips to Jutland and Malmo. When the rain and rinsed spots got to be too much, I had to return to Canada...
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Leon Humphries - Day And Night

2 comments | Posted by Jake Eley on
Leon Humphries - Day and Night from Loco Skates on Vimeo.   Words: Leon Humphries Images: Gareth MortonVideo Edit: Leon Humphries. Video Footage: Michael Pupava, Jonny Lee, Tom Sharman, James Bower, Kare Lindberg, Ben Shelbourne, Nicolas Schopfer Video Title: Ian Gallais Leon Says:Plans deviate after your body says ‘no’. My body said ‘no’ after an innocuous fall at this year’s NASS festival. I would be forgiven for thinking NASS festival holds some sort of personal grudge towards me. In recent years I have regularly been either carried out or stitched up after intense but enjoyable sessions. The reality is that I only have...
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Flip Out

7 comments | Posted by Jake Eley on
Here's a shot I took of Richie Eisler while filming for his 'Upside Down Skates' edit which dropped this week. The concept, which was conceived over ten years ago but began in October last year, was to come out with something unexpected for a bored audience of aggressive skaters. What would you be expecting the most from Richie: A heel makio? A technical street extravaganza somewhere in Asia? A solid selection of switch tricks? Actually, he delivered on the latter of those criteria. (Don't be fooled by the reverse camera angles... Richie DOES, in fact, do a switch misty flip, switch corkscrew, switch...
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Razors Skates: The Andy Wegener Story

24 comments | Posted by Jake Eley on
Have you ever wondered who the people are who are making the real shit happen when it comes to producing blading products? I’m not talking about your mate's clothing company …or the pro-skate which claims it’s "designed by [insert pro skater's name]". There are some hidden faces in our industry who have risked it all by putting in thousands of Dollars, even more work hours and in some cases a creative genius to bring you innovative products. Some names spring to mind when I think of the faceless heroes of product development; Mattias Knoll (Powerslide), Sebastien Laffarge (Seba), Pieter Wijnant (Adapt), Mike Powell (K2), Kenneth Dedeu (Powerslide), more...
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Trigger skate: First look.

1 comment | Posted by Jake Eley on
Trigger is the new boot company which surprised the industry this week by releasing images of the all-new Trigger Rainbow Julien Cudot skate. A courageous move in the current climate, Trigger has gone full-commit by designing and manufacturing ALL NEW molded components to achieve the final product. They've made their own soul kit mold, cuff, buckle, boot, and even frame. A hugely expensive project which can only be commended. This TRS / K2 / Legacy lovechild left me, at first, asking what it's USP was and where it fits into the market alongside such established brands who have a quantity advantage. After receiving and trying...
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