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Can't see your size?

If you can't see your size on our website, the item could be due for re-stock soon. 
Your options:

1) Wait a few days to see if your size re-appears on our website


2) Get in touch. We don't always know when products/sizes are returning to stock, but if you are set on a model then pop us an email and we'll add you to a list and notify you when an item returns to stock. ...additionally, we'll recommend the most similar alternative.

Email us:


If you're interested, here's how our stock system works:

Some shops in industries like ours list items on their website which they don't actually have in stock, we call this 'phantom stock'. When you order it they, in turn, order it from their supplier. Not only does this delay the shipping process but it also increases the chance of you receiving the dreaded 'not in stock' email 2 days after you've placed your order (when they find out the supplier doesn't have it in stock either).

Loco runs a live stock system. This means 99% of products shown are physically in stock. The sizes you see on the website are a 'live' representation of what's in our warehouse at that minute. Not only does this allow us to provide a quicker, more efficient service but it means we are committed to supporting the blading industry fully.

It DOES mean that if an item isn't physically in our warehouse then, in most cases, it won't be shown on the website... so let us know if you can't see what you want, it might be on it's way back in!