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USD Aeon 60 Nick Lomax Pro Skates

USD Aeon 60 Nick Lomax Pro Skates

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The latest release from USD and the first Aeon 60 released in black is the USD Aeon 60 Nick Lomax Pro Skate. The Aeon skate has generated alot of hype since early leaked photos showed that USD were concentrating on creating a one-piece lightweight non-ufs unibody boot.

The first release of the 60 Aeon was one of the biggest sellers of the year and we anticipate that (LocoSkates pro rider) Nick Lomax's new skate will sell just as well. The Aeon skate is completely innovative, ground breaking and offers high performance whilst remaining affordable. The Aeon has broken every rule in the book and ditched the Universal Frame System (UFS) currently found on pretty much every other aggressive skate on the market. Taking away the ability to remove the frame and creating a solid one piece boot / frame has allowed USD to minimize the amount of hardwear (bolts etc) used and also, more crucially, lower the overall center of gravity giving you a lower ride with better overall control. It also makes them feel solid, no rattling here.

Next USD concentrated on the wheel set-up; without UFS bolts you can move the centre two wheels outwards and create extra space in the groove area for grind tricks whilst riding a flat set-up of larger wheels. In the case of the Aeon 60, you can ride max 60mm wheels.

The skates come well spec'd out the box with heatmouldable MYfit Dual fit Skinny Boy custom liners which fit like a glove and eleminate any pressure points. You get a full flat set-up of eight 60mm / 88A wheels loaded with WCD ABEC 5 bearings. 

-Please note the new USD Aeon Nick Lomax comes with the all the new Dual Fit liners by Myfit. The liner features a new stretchy neoprene toe that allows two sizes to fit. 


UK 5-6 / EUR 39-40 / US 6-7 
UK 6,5-7/ EUR 41-42 / US 7,5-8 
UK 8-9 / EUR 43-44 / US 9-10 
UK 10-11 / EUR 45-46 / US11-12 

Size Tip: If you are used to buying based on the 'UK' size shown then these fit true to size. You should usually be able to buy your regular trainer size. The EU conversion is a little unorthodox in this model though, so if you are used to buying in 'EU' sizes then the skates fit SMALL for the EU size shown so you should buy 1 size bigger than you usually would in EU sizes. For example, the UK7 is converted as an EU42 on this skate. It fits just like a UK7 should, but smaller than you'd usually expect an EU42 to fit. Any questions just call us!

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4 Average Rating 4/5 (5 reviews)
4 stars Great skates with some shortcomings from factory Written by

One piece concept is a good idea. Skates saves weight and has no problems with screws. The biggest advantage is that the skates doesnt need screws for frame. Then skates has wheels close and has bigger space for h-block. Skates are tight and light but really strong. Big flexibility to front/back and strong cuff holds legs to the sides. Liner is really comfortable. Lomax promodels has only problems with stiching on tong of liners. After 4 sessions its ragged, bud I believe than new delivered pieces from USD will has upgraded liners. And the Wicked bearings are not soo good too. Hard wheels I like. This is five stars skates with some shortcomings whitch i belive will be resolved in new pieces delivered between September/October.

4 stars Almost perfect Written by

I,ve skated everything from roces street, low rider, oxygen low tops, valos, carbons and others and all i can say it might be the best skate i ever had. Fast, silent, great control and quick learning curve. Big soul area. Great hold in ankle area. But... thing that sucks completly is the Liner. stiches on tongue got ripped after just two sessions. Way that it is stiched is a joke... Worst design ive seen and if i would buy this liner on my own i would have been veeeerry disapointed. I hope top of my fit liners line like fatboys are designed better. But i wont risk buying them to waste another £60. Also that nice looking camo pattern material is so soft that after two sessions it almost gave up in ankle bone area... I give it few more sessions and i will have nice see through holes with such a great heat mouldable foam coming out... I dont get why liner companies cant put leather around top area of liner. People skate with shin guards and they tend to rip liners... Money hungry companies? Maybe... :-) another stupid lil thing is the ankle strap. Once again they saved money on it and one of velcro pieces when pulled in very hard simply snaps and comes loose specialy after landing tricks... Overall very nice skate with worst liner ever. [Hey Bart. USD are actually replacing people's liners outright because of the stitching issue. If you can hold out for a couple of weeks then USD will have replacement liners available to send to you for free. Just drop us an email and we'll facilitate this for you. Jake. Loco]

4 stars So responsive Written by

I've skated them all in the past and I thought it was time to try something a little different. So I opted for these. The closest comparison I can draw is they feel like Deshi carbons in terms of rigidity and feel, however you feel much closer to the grind due to the all in one construction. I also personally like that there is no rattle from the skate and overall just feels like a more complete package than its competitors. I'm a size 10UK in most skates, my feet measure out at around a 9.5UK (wide feet) and I skate the 8-9UK shell option. they're a little tight but I just use them in short bursts. Boats are not an option. Side note: I think there's a common fault with the liner provided with the skates, mid way up on the tongue the stitching is coming completely lose and I've only used the skates twice for around 20-40 minutes. this is quite disappointing if I'm being honest. Is this covered under warranty by any chance?
Loco: Hi Lewis, yes this is a warranty issue. A few have had this problem. Give us a call or email. The replacement liners should be available from USD in around 2 weeks [07/07/16]

5 stars Aeon lomas Written by

Haven't skated flat for over ten years and so far skating these hasn't been to bad.The h block is massive and only had a little bit of bite. The cuffs are also a little stiff but could be just coz they are new.they feel and roll so smooth I haven't flown about this fast in a long long time .you can really feel the difference with a moulded frame to boot,just feels so solid.only bad point is the liner has torn on the tongue on the first skate in them which I wasn't to pleased with.after only skating these twice I can see what all the hype is about.a nice fast fresh feeling to roll on. [Loco: Hi Aaron, please send us an email about the tongue... this will be covered under your warranty. We can replace for you no problem!]

5 stars Fast light responsive supportive Written by
Perfect balance of a freeskate and an aggressive skate, never had so much fun just flying around super fast carving corners instead of overstepping these really give you faith in ground grip. im a size 9.5 with wide feet and fit into the 8-9 boot after heat molding the liner easily with no side or arch pain. They are super supportive (stiff/rigid) so if you like to have ankle flex these are not for you as you need to get sat low for any topside/groove tricks. The 8-9 boot is 1.8kg per boot which is amazing if you're used to rolling 9+ shell sizes my previous usd7 are 2.1kg on an antirocker setup with fluid frames.I've had slalom skates that are heavier than these aeons. I wasnt sure about the liners with being 8-9 but they work really well with zero heel lift or pressure points and the big thick tongue is a nice bonus as these have great forward/back movement and you get no cuff/buckle dig at all. I will advise switching out to hockey(waxed) laces as the skates are like a freeskate where being tighter n looser in different places for the best comfort is recommended. The groove and wheel placement works really well the only trick ive had significant wheel bite on so far is top souls. Can even skate ledge with little issue given your lock ons arent sloppy. The souls/frame slide well, aren't crazy fast but smooth and controlled and with the flat rocker set up you'll be zooming upto any obsticles anyway.

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Hi, ive had these skates since last christmas and have been very pleased with them but for some reason after wearing them for about a hour the tounge of the lining rises and sticks out , it hasínt botherd me much but affraid it wont be supporting my ankle as much. Is there a way of fixing it? Thank you

I've seen this on a few sets of the Lomax's, in fact i've seen it on Lomax's when he's skating them! It's just the way the liner sits with the boot. If you're worried about ankle support i'd advise upgrading to some Powerslide MyFit Crown Liners - the ankle support is great on these, plus the tongue has added support throughout. Gaston. 

Hi, is there any difference between the USD Nick Lomax Pro Skate and the normal USD Aeon black skates? Also will you be getting any more of the USD Aeon Nick Lomax Pro Skates in stock?

Hi James - The colour and finish is slightly different between the two models, but thats about it. The Nick Lomax skate is no longer avaliable from our suppliers. Thanks James

How do these fit compared to valos in a 10/11uk shell, im intrested in aeons but valos in the same size are 0.5 of a size too small. Im hoping these are bigger fitting? Cheers

Yes they fit a little bigger than the Valos, you're in luck! Jake.

So...the liner meaning like myfit 2nd skin can use the hair dryer for haet molding?

Yep sure, it works well. Gaston. 

Hi! Are you going to have size 8-9 available soon?

Yep hopefully in the next two weeks. In the meantime, the new Aeon 60 Black skate is available in that size currently and is almost identical. Gaston. 

Hi, are you going to have size EU 43-44 soon?

Yep hopefully in the next two weeks. In the meantime, the new Aeon 60 Black skate is available in that size currently and is almost identical. Gaston. 

A question whose answer i believe would be to the benefit of many: What cuffs could i fit other than the Aeons? As anyone who's skated them can attest to the stock ones are pretty rigid and therefore it would be nice to have something a little softer. I look forward to any support on this. Much love x

The Seba CJ Cuffs work well, the Intuition liners work well with the Xsjado Cuffs on these, the Razor's Cuffs work OK, but are maybe a bit tall. Pretty much any cuff will go if you want it too. The Seba CJ Cuffs work best from my experience. Gaston. 

Hey guys, I'm a bmxer and was wondering if you guys would recommend these for my first pair of skates. I can already skate decently however have never attempted anything extra.

100% yes. It's a great skate for pro's and am's alike - great choice. Gaston. 

I really like these skates but I am fairly new to skating and am not sure if I'll like the wheel setup. Would these work with an anti rocker setup if I just swapped the middle 2 out or is the frame especially designed for 4 wheels?

Yep this 60mm version also works well with Anti-Rocker's, I know a lot of people who use them in this way, you have the best of both worlds here! Gaston. 

So guys, the day came today, my SSM Bloodline III hit the dust, I am so sad about this loss, Shima always knew how to put a boot together, I was wondering are these USD Lomax any good? I don't think I am sold on the one piece frame idea, old school way of thinking on my part, how long do theae skates last before you have to replace the shell? Also seperate question, on my GC FLT 3 one of the allen heads has rounded off, what is the best way to get it unscrewed? Cheers.

Hi Brad, sorry to hear about your SSM Bloodline skates.. always a sad day!! Drop us an email at and advise us of your shoe size, we might be able to replace them? Failing that, I couldn't recommend the Aeon range of skates highly enough. The one piece technology definitely works, based on the fact that we've had to sell very little replacement shells and it's one of the best selling skates of 2016. Regarding your GC FL3 I'd suggest drilling it out. Use a drill bit that fits inside allen key hole, 4mm I'd presume, and drill through the male end of the axel bolt. Please wear protective eye wear too!! Thanks, Todd 

Hello there! I was wondering if I was to purchase this skate is it possible to upgrade my wheels to some thing larger like 72mm? I really dig these skates but dont wanna break the bank buying new skates and new wheels,etc,etc... Thanks in advance

This particular model of the Aeon won't take 72mm wheels, there is a 72mm version of the Aeon (Aeon 72) and there is the Aeon Ritchie Eisler Pro Model also that have 72mm wheels. Gaston. 

Will you be getting 8-9uk back in stock?

Yes in approx 7-10 days (from 7.7.16). Gaston. 

Yo. Tried Nicks AEONs with a second skin my fit liner size 42, and i could move my toes a tiny bit. my feets are a 42,5. should i order the 43-44 instead or will that be too big? guess i'll get blisters if the skates fits exactly, will it get clumsy with one size bigger? Thanks

It's hard for me to say for sure but I'd say you're going to be fine in the size EU41-42. Try them on at home before you skate them and let us know if the size is too small, we can arrange a swap. Gaston. 

Is this flat wheel setup possible with all skates you sell, out of box? What I mean is if buying a set of extra wheels and putting them in place of antirockers will work. Im not too keen about grinding but also dont want to go full powerblade :o

Yep sure. Just be careful with wheels above 60mm - some frames won't allow this. Anything 60mm should be fine. Gaston. 

When will size 9 UK be back in stock?

Appoximately 2 weeks (mid to late June 2016). Gaston. 

Are USD planning to release replacement Aeon 60 boot/frames in black for this model? Or would I have to replace it with the white one? Thanks

We haven't been informed of stock yet, but I'm sure that later on in the year they'll be some replacement shells. Gaston. 

im between a 9uk and a 10uk shoe size with a wide foot do you think id be ok in the uk9 of this skate? i dont fancy going upto the 10-11 shell if itll be like a boat on my foot

You should be fine in the UK9. Give them a try on before you skate them, if you have sizing issues we'll sort you the next size up. Gaston. 

Hi guys, in regards to the fit, is it the liner that fits small in the EU sizing or the shell? I usually fit a 9/10 (EU 44.5 trainer), so I'm unsure if toe bang is going to be an issue with the 8/9 shell, and if the 10/11 shell will feel massive. Cheers!

By the sounds of it, you'll be fine in the 8/9 shell. The liner is stretchy so you should be fine. We haven't actually got these skates here yet so I can't say for sure without trying them myself, which we'll do on Tuesday (01/06/16). Gaston. 

We're do u get the spare parts ie cuffs main body etc and what's the price like on these ?

Hi Ben, We have all the parts in-stock (white 60 / black 72) they are just a que to be added to our website. I'd expect them up by the end of week - James

What date will you be getting these in stock?

End of May 2016. Gaston 

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