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Valo V13.Loco Boot Only

Valo V13.Loco Boot Only

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To celebrate the internationally anticipated release of a white Valo V13 boot we’ve taken the opportunity to team up with Valo to produce a limited and exclusive model: The Valo V13.Loco.

The classic white boot sits atop a black soul plate. The boot is finished with gold buckles, white/gold laces (and spare black laces) and a limited edition Gold foil cuff sticker.

The Valo V13 skate is a cult classic as well as an internationally loved treasure which has stood the test of time. The boot benefits from a slim ergonomic shape and is still the lightest aggressive skate on the market. Some of the worlds best skaters have been enjoying the control which the classic V13/M12 boot offers including low groove tricks and close soul grinds in combination with a raised heel for better natural topside position and a solidity that has become synonymous with the Valo brand.

The Valo V13.Loco uses a harder plastic (featured on more recent V13 models) for great support and energy transfer. No need to switch out the liner; the Valo liner is the perfect shape for the boot, nicely padded around the ankle for good comfort and thin around the foot to give you the precision you need.

The Valo V13.Loco is an exclusive and limited production run so they won’t be around long!

This is the boot-only version of the Valo V13.Loco Complete Skates. Buying a boot-only allows you to customise your own set-up of wheels, frames and bearings. 

Size tip: While the Valo skates are quite narrow, they fit regular to your trainer size. If, however, you are in doubt or between sizes please buy a size bigger.

Worried about size? Don't. We offer a free size swap.

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5 stars Best thing i've got from loco is a fast answer Written by

I bought this skates, even if this one a preorder and sometimes the delay came from the factory and not you fault but loco send me an apologize email, i really respect about it that i've never found in another skateshop

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Is there a way you can get a size 9 or 10 in stock. I know there was a limited sale for these and if you cant, is there was I can get the roces m12 with black soul plates? Dante Neal

Hi Dante Neal, if you add the Roces M12 LO 2018 Boot Only to your basket then add a Component Swap that will do the trick. Then just leave a note in the comments section stating you'd like black soul plates. Cheers, Harry

Ive still got a pair of original fixed frame low cuff m12(13s) Are these essentially the same boot? I'm looking to get something i can put a try skate 110mm frame on and eventually a wizard frame. I figure it would be stiffer than my USD Carbon Free Team 2016s. Thoughts and comments welcome :)

Yeah sounds like a great plan. Yes, the boot has been running since 1156BC (or something), same boot, different frame mount! Jake E.

Hi, just wondering how much theses boots weigh? thanks

a little over 1kg per boot (most of the weight in a skate is in the wheels and frames, so the weight will increase once these are added) . Gaston. 

hi, just wanna ask, do you ship to Brunei as well? coz i cant see Brunei in your international Delivery info

Hi, yep we do deliver to Brunei. You'll see it appear as a delivery option once you get to the address details of your order (but before you pay). Gaston. 

I mean US size 10 or 10.5. Do you plan on getting them in sometime soon?

Hi Daniel  - The US10 is all sold out now and no more are available in the Loco Edition or the Bone white. We will have the New Broskow model in-stock soon. Thanks James 

Heya, I'm currently on size nine valo lights and they fit a dream. I had the montre carbons and had a fair amount of trouble with them feeling really small and hurting the bottom of my foot. They were also a 9. Would you recommend a size 10 for these?

Yep I've skated all the skates in question also - go for the size 10 V13's. Gaston. 

Hi. Do you have any experience of attaching this boot to a quad skate plate for quad ramp skating? Thanks

No we don't actually. Sounds cool though! Maybe message Ricardo Lino for more advice on that, he's pretty nifty on a pair of quad skates in a skatepark. Gaston. 

I'm a uk9 in the cult skate can I stick with the 9 or go up to 9.5 in these, want to order them super quick

Go for the 9.5 for sure. Gaston. 

Hi, im uk 7.5 in seba skates, what size for this skate? a dont now if take the uk8 or the uk 9!

If you have a narrow foot you'll be fine in the UK8, if you have a slightly wider foot go for the UK9. Skating Seba's makes me think you may have a slightly wider foot. Gaston. 

hi loco, just order this sick boots yesterday, is this gonna ship after 25 april? because i see estimated delivery is 25 april

They'll ship shortly after the 25th of April, hopefully not too long after! (it's only an estimated delivery date of April 25th). Gaston. 

Just to check but is the uk9.5 in a 9uk shell with a bigger liner or a 10uk shell with an undersized liner?

Hi Flynn, the UK9 and UK9.5 are one shell, with different size liners. The UK10 is a bigger shell then the UK9.5. Gaston. 

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