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Transformer Ice Blades - Inline to Ice Skate conversion kit

Transformer Ice Blades - Inline to Ice Skate conversion kit

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Please note the Ice Blades now come in black as standard (not pictured).

This is a unique solution from the guys at Inline Ice Blades that allows you to convert your favorite Inline Skates into recreational Ice Skates in minutes and with a minimal investment. Similiar to the Seba ice Blades the blades can be mounted on majority of the inline frames that designed to accommodate 72mm through 84mm wheels. 
- Also available for Aggressive Skates
In the box: a pair of Stainless Steel blades with a set of 16 Aluminium (improved) spacers for an increased durability and power transfer. (
- Skate shown in image two is for illustration only and not included.
For your reference: Each blade weight 150gr. For comparison a full set of 80mm wheels (4 wheels, 8 bearings, and 4 spacers) taken off an inline skate would weight around 440gr. So you can calculate an approximate weight of your future ice skate by extracting 290gr from the the total current weight of your inline skate.
Sizes guide:
'Large': frames designed for all recreational or freestyle frames 72mm-84mm wheels
Also fit Kizer Advance Level 1 and Kizer Arrow frames.
Comparision chart:
The distances between the edge of the blade and the sole of the boot are as following: 
   Front Middle   Back
Inline Skates with the Ice Blade 3 1/4" - 8.5cm 3 1/2" - 9cm 3 3/4" - 9.5cm
Regular Hockey Ice Skates 2 3/4" - 7cm 3" - 8cm 3 1/4" - 8.5cm
Inline Skates with 80mm wheels 4" / 10cm 4" / 10cm 4" / 10cm
*** Please note that the measurements are approximate and based on Seba FR1 skates
Dont believe they could be this good? Check out the independent review video below.

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5 Average Rating 5/5 (3 reviews)
5 stars Great product Written by

I thought I would give these a go as it was time to retire my old hockey skates, and instead of forking out for a set of ice skates I thought I would get more use from my Seba FR2’s using these? After having them sharpened I had a couple of hours on the ice with them and couldn’t fault them! Brilliant product, and a cheaper option than new skates (take up less storage space my toy cupboard as well‽ )

5 stars Great product, great service Written by

The frames were delivered in a day, so thanks a bunch, Locoskates! The product itself is well-made; it's durable, easy to attach, and the design meant it took very little time to adjust to skating on ice. These frames are great fun, and ideal for inline skaters who don't want to buy a dedicated ice skate.

4 stars my seba fr1 on ice :) Written by

Hi all i got 2 sets of these one for me and my brother and got try them out for the fist time i really like them and they were really easy to put on my seba fr1 the only reason i give them a 4 star is i had the get them sharpened first witch i would recommend or you wont be taking the corners as fast as you would like to.

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Will these ice blades fit on Seba FRX 80 2016 Skates?

Yep sure! Gaston

Hi,Just checking.Will these fit, size 3 Igors that bear a 231mm frame, 76mm wheels?Rockered or unrockered frames ? And how does the length compare to the wheel base of 231mm fromes/76mm wheels? Can you provide length of these blades please?Thanks

This Ice blade is actually only very slightly longer then a 231mm Seba frame, I've just put one on myself to test this. They'll fit on a non rockered frame but not on a rockered frame. Gaston. 

Hi.Would these fit on size UK3 Igors?What frame could they be attached to? Igor 231/76mm pre-rockeredIgor 231/76mm non-rockeredIf at all.Is this product a one size fits all? How long is the blade - curious as to whether the blade may be too long to the tiny boot. Many thanks as always.

This Ice blade is actually only very slightly longer then a 231mm Seba frame, I've just put one on myself to test this. They'll fit on a non rockered frame but not on a rockered frame. Gaston. 

I plan to purchase this ice blade and attact to K2 Uptown size size US12.. if this able to do i will purchase the uptown and blade together

Yep they'll fit fine, cool set-up! Gaston. 

I can't seem to select the one for aggressive skates. Do you have them in stock and how do i order them? I take it that they fit on Razors agressive skates right?

We've sold out. We'll have some more hopefully nearer the end of the year. Gaston. 

Would these work for the Powerslide Alpha 231mm frames for Hardcore Evo 2011?

Yep should fit fine on a 231mm frame, I don't have that exact frame here but I've tested on another Powerslide 231mm frame and it fits. Gaston. 

Will this fit Rollerblade Spitfires ?

Hi Johan, It depends what size kids Rollerblade Spitfire skates you have. let me know what size and I will check for you - James 

Dear LocoSkates, Will Transformer Ice Blades - Inline to Ice Skate conversion kit fit: A: O--------80mm-----O------80mm-----O------80mm-----O B: O--------87mm-----O------87mm-----O------87mm-----O Thank you for your answer. Best regards

Hi - Yes to both! Jake.

Hi. Do you ship in France ? Thanks, Jeremy.

Hi Jeremy. Yes, just pick France when you choose your country at checkout. Jake.

Hi , it's fit for roller blade ( twister 80 2013) ?

Yep, no problem. Gaston. 

Please can you advise if these ice blades will fit the SSM Gabriel Hyden Pro Skates Thanks

The Aggressive skate conversion kit will work for this skate, yes. Gaston. 

Will they fit on powerslide imperial FSKs? Thanks

Yep looks like they'll fit fine! Gaston. 

Will these fit k2 kinetic skates

Yes these should fit the K2 Kinetic skates no problems. - Edd

Hi there. If I'll pre order them now would they come before 21st December ?

Hopefully! We're just waiting for the delivery of the Ice Blades to arrive here, should be any day now (7/12/15). Gaston. 

Hey, Would these fit Seba GT 90s witg stock frame?

I don't have the GT90 here to double check this, but as long as the frame isn't rockered, you should be fine. Gaston. 

Would these work on the Hardcore Evo rockered frame if you only mount the front and back bolts? If not that will be fine as I can transfer my old seba frames.

I'd stick to your old Seba frame, rockered frames are going to cause an issue for sure. Gaston. 

Hallo! Would I need to get these sharpened or can I used them "straight out of the box"? (If they need to be sharpened, could you advise me where to get them done or buy a sharpener myself?). Thanks, guys!

You should be able to get them sharpened at your local ice rink, yes I'd say it's a good idea for sure! Gaston. 

I like to bye the transformer ice blades, but I can't find it in your site so I can bye it, can you tell me how, thanks

We are just out of stock of these Ice Blades at the moment but have more coming in soon! Please contact us at the shop if you'd like to receive a call as soon as they come back in. - Edd

Hi, do you have any of these left in stock? Thanks for your time

Yes more stock is on it's way to us! Check back in November and we should have them. Gaston. 

Excuse me, do you still have this product for sale?

Unfortunately we have just sold our last pair. We will be getting more in stock however we don't have a delivery date on these just yet. - Edd

Are these the original ice blades or the freestyle blades from their new line? Original I think are what are in the video review, but the new line has freestyle, hockey, figure and aggressive blades.

Yes these are the original ones like in the video. They could be compared to the 'Freestyle' ones though (same basic item with minimal differences)

hiya have the new batches been tested on the Powerslide Hardcore Evo 2013?? 231 cm frame(pre rockered) - any good? thank you:)

Hi JH 

We've tried to put the new batch on the pre-rockered frames and they won't fit I'm afriad. 

Hi, Would these fit on a pair of K2 Radical 100 fitness skates? Woody

Hi Woody. Apologies, no. These are designed for skates just up to 84mm in wheel size.

Hi there, would these fit the SEBA FRX 80 2014/2015? Happy new year!

Yes. No problem!

Wouldn't suffer any damage an inline skates that are not designed for ice? Wouldn't the metal parts get rusty?

No. Skate parts do not usually use any iron in the metal compounds (except for bearings which you won't be using anyway if you have the ice blades on!). If there is no iron then there will be no iron oxide (rust!)

Hi, I was wondering if the ice blades would fit Rollerblade Twister 80 2014 Women's Skates, and if i would have to leave out any holes.

Yes these fit the Twister skates no problem. You will not have to leave out any holes.

Hi! Can you send to Spain for example? i'mk thinking in buy two pairs...

Yes, just choose 'Spain' as you country when you enter your address.

My boots are :Anarchy revolution roller blades which im getting for xmas so i dont no the axal space size yet but they have 57mm wheels can i get these or the others you have to fit?

I expect the Ice blades for aggressive skates version will work! (sorry, we don't have the Anarchy skate to test for you)

Hello, Would Transformer Ice Blades fit in my skate frames?. These are distances between holes: o---79mm---o---81mm---o---79mm---o Thanks

Nice diagram! Yep these will fit no problem.

Hi, This is a great product. Would you have the figure skate version of these any time? :) Best, Karol

Hi Karol 

Glad you like them! 

Unfortunetely we won't be getting the figure skate version in, but have a search of the web and you should be able to find them. 

Will these fit onto a Seba FR1 2014?

Yes, no problem.

Hi, Sorry if the question might come across as trivial but… Do they need sharpening at first use? Thanks in advance for a reply.

These are not pre-sharpened no. Of course, you can ride them unsharpened but for increased grip and control you can sharpen them (not a service we offer though).

can them be mounted in Powerslide Hardcore Evo?? 231 cm frame(pre rockered) with 72mm wheels??? Maria

Hi Maria - The current stock of the Transformer Ice blades won't fit on the pre-rockered frame on the Hardcore Evo, we've tested it. But we are getting a new batch of the Ice Blade in that should fit on your frame amongst others. We are going to test them in the pre-rockered frame when they arrive. We will let you know once we've tested them! 

Will they fit kizer powerblade level 3 frames(72mm)? Thanks.

Hi Anton - They will fit but you will have to leave out one of the middle bolts (like other aggressive frames).

Hi, Would these fit in GC Featherlite 2 - Size 2 (UK7 - UK10) if one middle bolt hole is left out? Thanks, Phil

Hi Phil - The blades only work on the Size 1 GC FLT (with a missing bolt) - Another great solution we have found is to get a Kizer Advance Powerblade Frame and they work perfectly on this. 

Do they fit to all non-agressive freestyle skates? I have Seba High Light 2014 with 243mm frame and K2 IlCapo 2013 with 247mm frame. Would it be OK for both? Thanks.

Hi Posar - Yes the Ice Blades will work great with both skates you mentioned 

Will they fit my large gc feather lite 3, s and if so what size? (I can't read the chart)

Hi Thomas - We tried and tested a bunch of frames last weekend, the only GC FLT we could get them to fit was the size 1 (without the third wheel bolt) - Another great option we found was to get a Kizer Advance Powerblade frame and mount the blades on them,  this works fantastic!

Do you know the length of the blades for the small and large sizes? I'm trying to figure out which size would be best. Thanks!

Hi Marcus - You also need to consider how far apart your wheel bolts are. Let us know which skates/frames you are putting them on and I can advise the compatibility.

Will these fit the kizer powerblade frames? Also, what size blade is best for the GC featherlite frames? Cheers. Si

These should fit perfectly on the Kizer Advance Powerblade frames (the ones which fit 80mm wheels). We've updated the product description now to explain fitment to aggressive frames.

Hello! I have a pair of Seba FR1 Deluxe skates with 80mm wheels so does that mean I would get the L sized blades (72mm-84mm)? Also, would I just need the same allen key to attach the blades as the one that I would use to remove my wheels? Many thanks.

Hi There - Yes and yes!

would these fit a size small featherlite 2 frames? the sizing chart says size small for wheels 64mm to 72mm, so what if your frame can only go up to 60mm wheels? thanks. Fiona

Hi Fiona - We've now updated the product description to explain compatibility to various aggressive frames.

Will these fit in the Kizer Fluid 4 frames? Andrew

Hi Andrew - We've now updated the product description to explain compatibility to various aggressive frames.

Will they fit create OG frames? Damo

Hi Damo - We've now updated the product description to explain compatibility to various aggressive frames.

Do these have a groove so you can grind??

Nope! They are as pictured.

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