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Swegway Warranty

Swegway Warranty

The Swegway Self Balancing Scooter is a relatively new item on the market, it's electrical and you stand on it. The simple fact is that there can and WILL be some boards which will need after sales attention, either under warranty or just because the board took a tumble. You've absolutely made the right decision by buying a reputable brand from a reputable retailer. All our bards come with a 1 year warranty covered by the UK supplier which can be dealt with through us, the retailer. Should the supplier fail to grant a warranty claim which we (the retailer) deem to be genuine, we will step in and cover the cost of repair for you.

What is covered under warranty?
-Electrical malfunctions
-Manufacturing faults relating to the casing, chassis and wheels (does not include general wear and tear and damage caused by impact or dropping)

What is not covered?
-General wear and tear
-Scratching to the outer casing
-Damage to the hardware, electronics or casing caused by impact
-Damage to the hardware, electronics or casing caused by dropping the board

My board needs to be repaired. What's the procedure?
We're here to help you and kindly ask that you understand that you will be without a board for a few days while it's being repaired. We're committed to getting you back on it ASAP! In some cases we will be able to send you a replacement part which you can fit yourself, in other cases we will need to get the board back to the shop or repair centre for diagnosis and repair. The lead time for your repair will depend on the problem and whether we need to special-order parts for you. If we deem the problem to be covered by warranty we can arrange collection of the board from you. You are also welcome to send the board back by your own means should it be more convenient for you. Please contact us by phone or email if you have a board you would like repaired or if you have a potential warranty claim. We can advise you of the best course of action at that point.