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Jake Eley - Partner/Business Manager

Hi I'm Jake Eley. I'm a rollerblader. I started LocoSkates when I was 21 (2004). It's my passion, my identity and my six-day-week. The fact that it forms a large part of my identity means that I do everything in my power to make sure our reputation is held in high regards. It wouldn't be very cool to be the guy with the rubbish skate shop would it!!! My role at Loco seems to have organically morphed into a mix of marketing, general managing, customer care, purchasing, stock control and website development. From day-one money has never been my drive (although, unless you are into foraging or stealing, we must all make it!). My drive is a fierce sense of competitiveness, an ugly trait if you just want to have a friendly Thumb War with me! I think a psychologist would say it's because I'm the youngest of three. It's this competitiveness that drives me to want to provide the best service, better than you can get anywhere else. It also helps that I love skating. Regardless of selling wheely-shoes, LocoSkates or no LocoSkates; I bloody love skating.


Rob Woodbridge - Delivery Logistics Manager

Legend has it in the ashes of disaster you will find a phoenix, and in the dark dwellings below Loco Skate Shop you will find a room in which every order is received, picked and packed by this uniquely magical creature himself.
 ..Or could just be be a 'washed up' old git with a beard, passionate about rolling and obsessed with getting orders to customers even before they've ordered them (he's that sick). My name is Robert Woodbridge and I'm an old git with a beard, if you've made an order with us in last 4 years, 99.9% chance it past my hands. I am dedicated in making it so you don't have to curse the day the internet was ever invented for buying stuff.  Please don't hesitate in contacting me with any queries regarding the dispatch of your order.


Edd Nygaard - Shop Floor Manager

Hello, my names Edd and I've been working full time at Loco Skates since early 2011. Being relatively local to the store, and a rollerblader since late '99 I've often done the odd day here and there for the shop since it first opened back in 2004, so it's great to see how the shops evolved, and also now to be a full time part of it. If you ever come in to the store, or call us up for any reason, there is a high chance it'll be me that you deal with! Whether you're a seasoned roller or looking for your first set of skates, I'm always happy to answer any questions you may have to help get some wheels under your feet. Although a fair bit of my time is taken up with my other passion of music, there is still nothing better on a sunny day than to get out on my skates and go shred.


James Deans - Media Manager

I’m James; the media manager at LocoSkates. I have been involved in Loco one way or another since it started in 2004. Originally starting off as one of the riders on the team and the occasional day working here and there at events. I quickly became Loco’s number 1 supporter and love everything it stands for. After long talks and the time finally being right I joined the team as a full time member of staff back in April 2012 and haven’t looked back since. My usual days work consists of shooting all the product images in the studio, editing the images, writing product descriptions and getting it all live on the website for you guys and girls to get your hands on. Inbetween uploads I can usually be found in the kitchen cooking up some legendary meals or helping customers out on the shop floor. I’ve been skating about 17 years and I am still as passionate about blading I was when I first started. Catch you in store soon or up the skatepark for an after-work session.


 Brian Eley - Accounts Manager/Partner

I am the hidden face of Loco;  the link to the silver haired rollers who frequent the neighbouring medical appliances shop.   I have all the glamour jobs – the VAT returns, PAYE, bank reconciliations.  Not for me the tedium of trying to fit a reluctant soul plate on an aggressive boot, (seriously - soul plate? surely it’s sole plate).  I have been provided with a state of the art abacus and a refurbished typewriter to perform my pecuniary role.  My life will be complete if I can get a parking space for the mobility scooter.  The growth of Loco since it was just Jake and I, (yes, I was there as well back in the day), is all about the reciprocal enthusiasm between our customers and our staff for a shared passion.   The staff are all keen skaters who don’t ‘sell’ you skates, rather they facilitate your purchase with expert advice and product knowledge, which is how all high street and interweb stores should be.  There’s only one member of staff whose product knowledge is weak, and that’s why it won’t be me answering the phone.


 Ryan Stephen - International Web Consultant


I officially joined the Loco team in October 2011 as a male model but was quickly replaced by a lower paid plastic torso named "Roy". Those were dark times. These days I manage the digital and creative content behind Loco which invoves a whole lot of black magic and caffè lattes.