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Seba High Black Skates

Seba High Black Skates

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The Seba High skates have been adopted worldwide by some of the best slalom skaters in the game. Stiff and responsive with ninja styling this skate includes Seba Street Invader wheels loaded with ILQ9 Bearings and is made of some high-quality materials.The Seba High looks amazing with a high-end carbon fibre skin finish. The triple strap support might take a bit longer to get into but once you are inside, your foot is locked away and the skate becomes highly responsive.


- Plastic shell with soft black carbon fiber look cover (durable)
- Cuff with 4 position options
- Toe strap, Seba double mid strap, and FK aluminium top buckle
- Seba Classic 231mm or 243mm Frame with steel race axles (8mm)
- Seba Black Street Invader 80mm/84A Wheels with Seba ILQ9 Slalom Pro bearings.

Size tip: 

These fit quite tight, we would advise getting 1 size bigger than your shoe size if in doubt.

Worried about size? Don't. We offer a free size swap.


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Do you sell the Liners for this separately. I have a pair of these skates in Size 9.5 UK but but i need a Size 10 UK Liner as it's a little too tight.

We've only got access to the full skates for these, apologies. The best thing to do would be to try a thinner liner anyway - try the MyFit 2nd Skin liners (Size 9-10), this may help. Gaston. 

Hi, I have a good few sets of skates (a few pairs bought from you previously) and am now looking to maybe purchase a pair of these (Seba High Black Skates) for myself but also maybe my wife. Can I ask how these fit sizewise please? I have read various reports, some saying they fit true to size and others saying they are very tight and need to be bought a size up? and also are quite painful and have a long break in period. What are your thought please? I prefer a tigher/supportive fitting skate but think I have a slightly wider foot as I have pain sometimes in some skates with them crushing my feet at the sides, but Seba skates seem to not have this problem for me with the width and fit fine.I am a UK shoe size 9 and currently have some Twister X skates in UK size 9 which fit perfectly appart from they are too tight for me (they crush my foot sideways and make it uncomfortable when skating for long periods), I also have some Igor 2014/5 in UK size 8 which fit perfect appart from they are possibly just the wrong size as the heel lock inner liner is too low down and pushed into the back of my heel rather than being above it to hold my foot in place, I thinik this is due to them being the wrong size and maybe a 9 would have been a better option, however they fit lengthwise and widthwise perfectly and I dont wat a skate which is too big or long. I also have some Seba Trix 10 LE skates (which are the carbon fibre versions) in UK 9 and they fit ok but I feel maybe they are a little too big (but I could never easily return them as they were bought direct from Seba/France), so they do fit ok and dont hurt in any way but I feel they are possible a little too big and feel "clunky" on my feet, but maybe that is just the design of them having a bigger ankle support on the sizes.I prefer a small skate (not big and clunky) and one that fits and holds my foot well, but not one that hurts of is too tight. So with these Seba High skates would I be better off getting a UK9 and seeing how that goes or another size? I measured my feet many times and it varies lengthwise but it is usually around 270/272mmMy wife is a UK 5 so if they are true to size probably a 5 would be good for her too (if I can convince her to get some too).Many thanks as always for your help

Hi Paul, I'm a UK7 size myself, I'm sitting here with a UK7 Seba HIgh Black on my foot and can report that.... yes they are super tight, so I've got a UK8 on the other foot - this is better, I can feel not too much spare room in the toe area. It's still pretty tight around the top/sides of my foot so these are skates that will require some 'breaking-in' time for sure. From what you've told me above, I'd say go for a UK9.5 or size UK10 even, your wife should she accept your challenge, I'd suggest going for a UK6 in size. Gaston. 

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