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Rookie Classic II White Roller Skates

Rookie Classic II White Roller Skates

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The Rookie Classic II White roller skate embodies the 70s flavour of skating. The Rookie Classic has a timeless design which channels a classic figure skating look but with a bit of a nip and tuck to bring them up to speed with today’s disco divas.

The Rookie Classic is finished in white. Although based on figure style skates, these are fully capable of being used for recreation and fun. The white synthetic leather boot on the Rookie is artistic and elegant while the aluminium chassis and trucks are lightweight making this skate less bulky and clumsy than similar priced competitors. The baseplate imitates the original plywood look of old-school figure skates while reducing weight due to it's plastic composite construction. The Rookie Classic comes ready to roll with ACS 430 trucks and hi-rebound Rookie glitter red 58mm / 80a wheels and ABEC 7 bearings. Included in the box is also an extra set of rainbow-coloured laces to really jazz the boot up.

Rookie have been making waves through the quad world recently with some really pretty, well priced and well spec'd rollerskates

The Rookie quad skates are £79.99 in children's sizes and £89.99 in Adult sizes (uk6+)

Size tip: These come up regular in size so you can usually buy your regular shoe size.

Worried about size? Don't. We offer a free size swap.

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I found these roller-skates rather advantageous for outside terrain however indoors I found them quite slippery and I fell onto my beloved kitty (Gertrude). She's fine don't worry. The ankle support was also mediocre but for the price it is an amazing buy. Highly recommended- unless you have cats!

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can these skates be used for recreational use and for outside?

Yep you can use them outdoors. The nice white finish on them may get a little dirty, but as long as you can live with that, go for it! Gaston. 

Are these available in a UK 9?

They only go up to a size UK8! All the white artistic boots that we stock also only go up to a size UK8... Sorry! Gaston. 

I was wondering if you were getting anymore sizes in soon. I would need a 6 but you currently only have 7/8's. I would like to know if/when you are getting any more in stock. Sorry if not allowed...Thanks. : ) Hannah.

Hi Hannah - These were due to arrive back in stock today. Looks like the supplier was late dispatching our delivery so they'll actually arrive Tues now (as it's a bank holiday weekend). You will see them appear back on the website Tuesday at some point. It won't actually delay your delivery any more now because I'm writing this late Friday... you'll just have to wait until Tues to place your order (when your size appears back on the website). Jake.

Are these in stock at your shop in eastbourne? x

All sizes showing on the website are here in stock either at the shop or in one of our nearby storage units. They are all avaible to try and buy in store. Jake.

hey would these skates be a little less comfortable as it has a heal in comparison to the other skates?

Comfort is a difficult thing to give advice on as it is different for different people. What I can say however is that most skates have a raised heel of sorts, so although this Rookie Classic is a little higher then some of the other skates on the market, this shouldn't make them uncomfortable as a result. - Edd

Hi, do I need to choose the same size as my shoes or is it better to choose one size bigger?

Most people find they can buy their regular shoe size in this skate.

Hi, are they good for skating outdoors? Or only indoors? Thank you

You can use these for both terrains. Indoors, of course, will be smoother though!

Is it a good brand of skates? And is it easy to use for beginners like me? Mabel.

Hi Mabel. All the skates we chose for our website/shop were chosen because we beleive them to be good brands. We don't usually categorise skates by the level of the user. You might want to take into consideration that this skate is a little different from many other models because it has a raised heel (it shouldn't make it harder to skate though... you will get used to whichever model you choose!)

How long will it take to deliver the package to NY? so when i order it i would know how long it will take to get to NY

We can't make exat guarentees because US customs can be unpredictable however we usually see US parcels arriving in around 3 days!

As the boots to these skates are PVC and not leather, will they make my feet sweat more please? Thank you

I'm no expert in the differences between heat retention in these materials but with my limited knowledge I would make the assumption that leather retains heat better than PVC (causing you to sweat more in the leather)... Hence why leather is an ideal material for warm jackets.

Are the wheels rubber or plastic?

Hi Holly, the wheels on these skates are poly-urethane (rubber), so will grip well and roll nicely :)

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