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If you're new to skating then we understand that some of the terminology can leave you scratching your head. Rollerblades or roller blades (your call!) is how we've chosen to describe a generic skate designed for recreational skating and leisure use. Use these roller blades on the seafront, in the park or on the street for cruising, fitness and general comfort. They are perfectly suitable for indoor skating too (although if you are in a confined space some people like to use freestyle skates as they have a tighter turning circle). We've done the research for you so you can be sure whichever skate you buy from us you are getting a fully functional piece of equipment with the appropriate parts (no dysfunctional, cheap rollerblades here!) Choose from the widest range of inline skates in the UK from the top brands K2, Rollerblade, Bladerunner, Powerslide, Seba and SFR skates.

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