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The inventors of the modern day inline skate! Rollerblade sure know what they are doing (well, they made it up!). Producing skates since 1985 you can be assured that Rollerblade skates are going to be of a high quality build. In 2009 they started to focus on the Rollerblade Solo models of skate in their aggressive range; such as the Rollerblade Solo Era, Solo Tribe and Solo Estillo. In 2011 Rob Guerrero got the first pro skate in the Solo range with the Rollerblade Solo Rob Guerrero skate. The Rollerblades are notable for their comfort and solidity with a big history in producing recreational skates too they can use their manufacturing knowledge and engineering experience to push the boundaries of the comfort and materials used in their aggressive skate range.

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Rollerblade NJ New Jack Team 2018 Skates

Rollerblade NJ New Jack Team 2018 Skates 4

The Rollerblade NJ New Jack Team 2018 Skates Now In Stock ...

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