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The new highly anticipated Razor Shift 2 skate has finally landed! 

This new skate from Razors takes all the elements of their most popular skates; the SL's and the Cult's, mashes them together with the addition of the all new frame/plate connection system, allowing swift changing of frame set-ups with no fiddly long-winded UFS bolt changing.

This new frame/plate connection system is named the IFC (Instant Frame Change).  By depressing 2 buttons on the base of the soul, you release the slider, and from that point – the soul, frame and wheels can disconnect from the boot.  Within seconds, you can snap on a fresh setup, all without having to access any of the UFS frame bolts! Very handy indeed.

For the die-hard street skater who wants a very tight connection between the sole and the boot, 2x optional t-nuts can be installed if desired; a connection that will hold up to all the needs of aggressive blading.  If you intend to use the skate for cruising (and/or street skating), the t-nuts can be removed and set aside for quick and easy swapping of setups when travelling from spot to spot.

On top of it's unique features the Razor Shift 2 is a high performance aggressive skate. The soulplate is of perfect size and shape and Razors have improved the solidity and energy transfer since the SL by making the base of the boot stiffer. Razors are renowned for their unmatched support, offering a relatively light boot with supported and even flex.

The Razors Shift 2 comes with an all new Reign liner that creates a more stable, comfortable, and reliable skate.  Out of the box, the Shift2 is designed to hold up to the serious demands of modern day street skating. GC Featherlite 3 frames setup anti-rocker with 62 mm wheels, and t-nuts preinstalled in the sole. 


·         Slim Shift boot shell

·         (IFC) Instant Frame Changing system

·         1-piece slider/backslide with perfect groove

·         Waxed Hockey-Style Laces

·         NEW Reign Liner

·         Cuff with buckle stash pocket

·         Oversized heel pad

·         GC FLT 3 frame

·         GC 62 mm/92A wheels

·         ABEC 9 bearings 

Size tip: These come up regular in size so you can usually buy your regular shoe size. Worried about size? Don't. We offer a UK free size swap.


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5 stars Razor shift 2 great boots all round! Written by

When i first put the shift 2s on i thought they pinched my toes a bit to much but after a short while skating them i found this to no longer be an issue, had a small issue with wheel integrity which was kindly sorted out by loco 10 out of 10 customer service, the skates themselves once broken in a little i found to be superior to my current razor SL skates wider sole with a lower center of gravity makes hitting the ao and topside tricks very comfortable, its been a while since iv experienced i liner like the new reign liners i found the lacing system couple with the laces in the boot to keep my foot firmly in place with zero heel lift, overall i would say these are easily my new favourite shells, good all round product with only minor hiccups to work out, excellent!

5 stars Brilliant and comfortable skate Written by

Very much like the sl's which I have loved since returning to skating after 7 years! Hold your royal and back slide tricks fantastically and loads of soul space. The changing of the soul/frame part is genius for street skating

5 stars It took few days to love them but... Written by

...I really actually do! Where do I start? They do not fit too wide so they are nice and snug on my feet. However, I have quite a tall midfoot (talus?*) so I felt quite a substantial pressure point around second/third lace hole from the top. However, a combination of breaking in these skates, as well as stretching the shell and using a heat gun, allowed me to fit them perfectly. Another problem with these skates is SQUEAKING!!! There is a fix online - place a bit of wax underneath the cuff and shell. Works ok, much less squeaking sound. Also, I actually like softer wheels so probably end up ordering Dead wheels from Loco but the original ones are completely fine. Just personal preference. Another thing is this frame change mechanism. I saw Jake's video and he puts me to shame because I couldn't take them with my thumbs and I am 6'3 !!(yep I did unscrew the bolts first!) I need some screwdriver or something harder to push these little buttons and it is easy then. Probably will be much easier after more skating. I like this system and for me, it is a big selling point of this skate. To sum up the pros of these skates. Great snug fit, I like the build quality in general. Reign liner - nice and comfortable not too puffy. More on the slim side but comfortable. Great shock absorption, fast soleplate, great frame. Cuff is pretty good and in general, always liked the Razors mold. Hardshell boots, in my opinion, got the biggest advantage over soft shells. They just last! These are actually quite light which was impressive. I wear size 10UK. If you into a bit of powerblading now an then that system is great. I am ordering a Kizer TRIMAX soon. The additional pair of soleplates could be cheaper though. Really happy with the skate would recommend! Delivery as always nice and fast.

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I've skated size UK6 Genesys and Valo Lights without any problem, but size 7 v13s are tight and painful. Do you guys think I could pull it off on these boots? Thanks! Rafael

Hi Rafael, you'll definately fit in a size! They fit simialr to the v13 so a size 7 might be a little tight for you. But the size 8 are the same shell size as the 7 with a bigger liner so they will be a bit more roomy. There is always the size swap option which you can read about here. Harry

Hello I was wondering what size should I get these in? My foot is 26.6 cm

Hi Stefan - You should go for the UK 8.5. JB.

Yo picked up a pair of these from you guys recently, first skates since RB morales in 2004, love em. I would like to ask though is the cuff on the Shift 2 anything different or can I slip a Red SL cuff on these boots without any wierd size issues cos the Shift boot is quite slim.

Hi Garr - Although the shift 2 cuff is a little slimmer you should be able to fit an SL cuff on there without any issues. JB. 

What frame would you recommend for switching to a freestyle skate with like 80mm wheels for riding between spots?

Go for the Ground Control 6061 80mm set up for sure - decent frame and wheel set up all ready to roll. Gaston. 

I am generally a size 8.5 in shoes, would you recommend a size 8 or a 9. I noticed the size 9 moves up into the larger 9-10 shell. Could I fit a size 9 liner in a size 8 shell?

You could fit a a uk9 liner in a uk8 shell if you used a thinner liner like the MyFit 2nd Skin liner or the Intuition liner (will be uploaded to our website in the next couple of days). Otherwise I'd probably play it safe and buy the UK9 from stock. Jake E.

Easy Guys,loving the YouTube review on these put got a good question: I downsized with toe Cut UK10 SL3’s and they feel perfect with UK12 SL3 Liners. Do you reckon you could toe cut the Shift’s and do the same here or is it a no go?

Yeh sure we were discussing this recently. If you take the baseplate off you can access the inner toe area to cut it down a bit so there is no reason why you couldn't do this. Gaston. 

Hi. What are differences between this and the Shift 1? Is it just the colourway and the Reign liner? Thanks

Check Jake's Shift 2 Youtube review . Yep pretty much the liner and the colour is different, the other subtle differences are that the baseplate has been strengthened apparently, plus there's a new core on the GC wheel included with these. Gaston. 

What different size boots do do they do and what sizes do they change in. Because I remember when I used to skate they did 2 size boots outside and they just changed the liners

Hi Stephen - I think you mean shell sizing? If not please come back to me. So the shell sizes in Uk sizing are (5-6)(7-8)(9-10)(11-12) Thanks James 

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