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Razors Buckle Kit

Razors Buckle Kit

-Estimated UK Delivery: 1-2 working days

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Available in black, white, red, green, purple, or turquoise. The Razors Buckle kit will fit most standard skates including USD, K2, Nimh, Remz, and SSM. They will NOT fit Roces or Valo skates. Kit contains 2 straps and 2 receiving buckles with mounting bolts. Sold as a pair.


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5 Average Rating 5/5 (8 reviews)
5 stars Brilliant Written by

These enabled me to keep on using my old blades for another year, happy days.

5 stars Razors buckle kit Written by
Superb quality and everything you need is included - much better than expected for the price - better than branded originals - highly recommended.
5 stars Great buckles Written by
I put these buckles on my Dom bambricks skates they look amazing especially with the red sl sliders really happy thankyou
5 stars Fixing a Seba buckle Written by

After 18 months of skating some 5-10 hours a week the strap on a boot eventually snapped. How thankful was I to find out that you could replace them, especially as I am unemployed right now. Arrived next day, not a skating beat missed, made the next event. Thanks chaps, you are utterly outstanding. Dave

5 stars Just the job! Written by

The straps on my old skates were perished and snapped. Was easy enough to drill out the old rivets with an over sized drill bit. The holes were almost an exact match for my old straps, a quick run through with a drill soon lined the cuff holes up with the strap. The screw rivets that come with these straps are an exact diameter for the old rivets, so only one hole needed moving a little. The screw rivets are pretty coated with thread lock to help prevent them coming undone unexpectedly. The strap side rivets tightened up nice and firm to the cuff so there is no movement, very secure. The buckle side, once the rivet is done up tight, the rivet is designed to leave a slight gap so the buckle can still move a little to aid with strapping the skate up. The strap, once done up has a clip on the back to prevent it springing undone. All in all, very happy with them. A near perfect replacement for my skates. Once fitted correctly, they are as good as the originals if not better

5 stars Razors Buckle Kit Written by
Nice cheap buckles that last.
5 stars Outstanding service Written by

Very knowledgeable and helpful staff. Right product that fitted great with no hassle.

4 stars Did the job Written by

Took a little bit of tinkering but now have 1 happy little boy with his repaired skates. Arrived very quickly and would def deal with Loco Skates again.

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Will they fit anxhemy? And are they metal?

Do you mean Alchemy Skates? Assuming you do, Yes they'll fit but I don't have the Alchemy skates here to test how easy it is to fit the buckles, you may need to drill out yor Alchemy buckles if they are rivited in. If they are screwed in, all good - these willl fit pretty easily. Gaston. 

Hello, two questions , Will these straps fit the twister rollerblades? My upper straps are broken. Will you deliver your products to Cyprus? Thank you

They will fit, yes - but you may need to unrivet your Twister buckles which can be tricky. Remember, we also sell the RB Twister colour kits, which come pre-installed with buckles (upper straps). Yes We delivery to Cyprus. Gaston. 

Hi, will these fit my Razor SL Scott quinn boots?

Yep! Gaston. 

Will these fit USD Aeons?

Yes. Gaston. 

Hiya, I have Donnay StreetLine skates, the bucke has broken, but my buckle has the sprung lock, and the hasp bit on the same side, and the strap has a hook at one end that is held tight on the casing of the ankle support. Will this fit? if i remove the old buckle, and make a hole on the other side for the new strap? Lewis

If you are capable of getting the old buckle off and potentially making some new holes for these buckles to fit - yep they'll totally fit. Gaston. 

Hey, would these fit on Alchemy skates?

I don't have Anarchy skates here, but as long as you can physically remove the buckles from the Anarchy then, yes, these should fit fine. Gaston. 

Hi will these fit on triggers?

Yep should fit fine. Gaston. 

Will these straps fit the Seba Wellsmore blades?

Hi Ray, Yes these will fit you skates. James

Hi would the replacement buckle kit fit a child's SFR Storm roller skate please? Many thanks.

Yes...but the SFR storm's buckles are riveted in so you'll need to drill them out. You'll be left with the correct holes to screw these buckles in. Gaston. 

is it fits on 2013 K2 Il Capo Urban Inline Skate?

Yes, but you may have to drill out the buckles from your K2's - I believe they are rivited in? (rather then screwed in), if they are screwed in already on your K2's then yes these will just fit straight on, if not, a little DIY will be involved. Gaston. 

Would these fit on to my Remz Nils Jansons 1.5 Pro Model Skates? UK Size 10! The Red Buckle would look awesome with my Red Kizer Type X Frames & my Undercover Roman Abrate Wheels in Red! Also, do you stock Remz True Balance Backslide Plates in Red? Thanks in advance, Jimmy!

Hi Jimmy - Yes this buckle is exactly the same as the buckle on the Remz skate. The red backslide plates should return to stock again but it could be anything up to 4 weeks away, apologies. In the meantime... remember less is more! :-) Jake.

Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has tried fitting these on Salomon ST Pro UFS? My straps are knackered and cannot find replacements for the life of me so I'm willing to try some DIY without knackering out the cuff too much. Cheers! - Kieran

As long as you can get the old buckles off, these should fit fine, you may have to do a little DIY but they should fit. Gaston. 

would these fit a pair of SFR childrens ice skates? thanks matthew

Hi Matthew - If you could send a photo of the current buckle on the skates (by reply) then we can have a look for you. Jake.

Hi , do this fit the K2 Escape childrens boot? Neil

Hi Neil - I'm not sure as we have never had that model. Usually the bolt holes are in exactly the same place on the K2 buckles as they are on the Razors buckle kit. You'd usually have to drill out your current buckles though as K2 kids buckles are usually riveted on. Jake.

Can i cut te excess off of the end of the buckle? Because it catches on my other skate when i grind, so can i cut the excess off?

You can trim the buckle down as much as you like to stop it catching, yes. - Edd

Hello. Did they fit on the rollerblade tarmac/ec. Of I drill the rivets put? Cheers

These buckles do fit most skates, sometimes with some slight modifying. Feel free to send us some photo's of your skates via email and we may be able to give some better advice on fitting. - Edd

Hi can you tell me the length of the replacement strap and buckle kit as the strap on one of my sets of skates is too tight on the maximum length just wondered if you can get them in different lengths or are all skate straps the same length Thanks Karl

From the first indent to the last, it measures 19.5cm. I've checked the USD Buckle Sets too, and they measure the same. I'm not sure you'll find longer then this! Gaston. 

Is the blue buckle kit royal blue or turquoise blue?

I would say it was more royal then turquoise. Gaston. 

Hello, I have an old pair of Rollerblade TARMAC CE and buckles are completely broken. Could I replace with this kit? Thank you very much

Send a pic of the skates and broken buckle to and I'll have a closer look. Gaston. 

Are all skate straps the same? I have a pair of xrt warp 11 skates and ive lost a strap would these straps work? My buckles are still ok ... Thanks, Mel

Hi Mel, the quick answer is no, but most are very similar. We do not stock that make or brand here at the shop but it appears that the buckles for that skate are quite specific. You may be able to fit these buckles but some modifying would probably be required. - Edd

I have some Razor Cult streets but the buckle is just a little bit too short, can you get longer or extended ones? Charles.

Hi Charles, that's a first! No there's no longer buckles but you could simply remove the buckle receiver part and move it forward a bit. You'd just have to drill a small hole in the cuff to fix it in it's new position.

Bit o a random question this but I have these in white but would really like them in brown obviously they don't do them in brown so I was thinking of using a paint or something I was asking just in case there are any other buckles that they do in brown that will fit my ssm other then that any ideas on paint I have bought the brown die off here but there are metal parts for the buckle thanks guys

Hi Adam - The best thing to do would be to dye them if you have a brown dye. Paint will chip too easily. The metal parts af the buckle are hidden anyway. There's no brown buckles on the market I'm afraid.

Will the buckles fit USD 7's?

Yes, no problem. They are pretty much identical.

Will it fit too Ultra Wheels "Sabotage" skate??

Wow, that's an old skate!... 1996 if I remember correctly. Unfortunately because of this I don't know the compatibility. My guess is that the buckle is riveted on the Sabotage skate and you would have to drill it out. Then you could drill some small holes in the correct place on the cuff to fit these new buckles on. I very much doubt you will be able to get these buckles on without modification though.

Hi, do these buckles fit the razor genesis 7.2?

Yes, no problem.

I have a problem, the buckle on my Roller blade TRS point 8 broke. My first question is will they fit on my skates? and the second question is do they come with bolts and the necessary screws to attacht them? thanks

These come with the bolts yes. I've been trying to look at some pictures of teh old Point 8 skate to see if they buckles will fit. I can't see any pictures which show the inside of the cuff where the buckle receiver would sit. Worst case scenario you'd just have to drill a small hole in the cuff to attach the buckle receiver.

What is the lifespan of the belt and what are they made up of?

The lifespan of the buckle is dependant on many variants so it's not possible to estimate. With regular wear and tear (no impact) they usually live for as long as the skate though. I'd expect the material to be a hard polyurethane compound.

Are you getting green ones in at some point?

Apologies, green is not a colour they have been producing lately. I think it's unlikely that they will bring out green ones again for a while. Sorry for any inconvenience.

do you know when you will be getting more of the blue(turquoise) buckles in stock?

Hi Mitch - Apologies, there is none of these avaioable at the moment and no word from the states as to when they will be back in production (if at all). That said, the turquoise USD buckles are almost identical and fit on no problem.

Will these fit Junior razor genesys (2-5) adjustable skates or do i need to buy the complete cuff? Thanks.

Yes these will fit. If you find the buckle a little long you can always trim it down easily with a set of scissors.

will they fit a K2 Flight 76 please?

Hi Maria, these buckles should fit yes, but you may need to drill out your old buckles first. These come with all hardware needed to attach them so should be ideal if your old buckles are broken or worn out.

do these fit Razor Sl boots

Yes. No problem.

could you send one purple and on a red or would it cost extra?

Hi Dom - You'd have to buy two sets. You can see the available colours in the option box. Purple isn't available right now I'm afraid [28/01/14]. I don't think there will be purple for a while. 

Would these fit usd ufs thrones ? Thanks

Yes. No problem

Would these fit a TRS Alpha 2?

The TRS Alpha 2 uses velcro straps instead of buckles. If this is the skate you are referring to then these buckles would not fit (as you'd have to place them on top of the Alpha 'skin'). If you think it's a different skate you have then send us a picture by email and we can advise accordingly.

Do these fit valo tv.3 black?

Hi there. No these aren't compatible with the Valos. Go for the Valo Replacement Buckles.

Do these work with razor cult streets

Yes they do :-)

Do these fit shima montre livingstons?

Yes these would fit!

Do they come in baby blue or purple? Brett.

Hey Brett. Apologies, these colours are not available right now! [15/01/13]

would these buckles fit, Remz 1.2?

Yes they would! :-)

will they fit on airwalk aggressive skates. Claire.

Hi Claire. Apologies, I don't now the compatibility as we don't stock the Airwalk Aggressive Skates. If you can see two bolt holes about 1cm apart holding the main part of the buckle on then they will be likely to fit. Alternatively it's easy to modify the skate to make them fit by simply drilling two holes in the cuff.

When will you have blue in stock

Hey Connor. I'm sorry, we don't have any dates for the shipment of blue right now [written 01/09/12]. I'd recommend going for the USD Buckle kits in blue instead. They are virtually identical.

will these buckles fit into a pair of NIMHS?

Yes they will fit perfectly


would i be able to buy one buckle receiver

If you call the shop we can do this for you. At the time of your message [03/09/12] we DO have an odd one lying about

do these fit dre powells 2 ?

Yes they will!

Well these fit xsjado skates?

Hey there. No they won't, not as standard. However you could quite easily make them fit by drilling 3 small holes!

will these fit my rollerblade solo tribe 2009's?

Rollerblade Solo skates come with a velcro strap so you will have to modify the skate to make these fit. It's not too hard though, you just need to drill holes in the right places in the cuff of the skates for the buckles to attach on. The buckles come with all the bolts and receivers for attaching them on so all you gotta do is drill 3 holes!

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