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Powerslide TAU 90 2018 Trinity FSK Skates

Powerslide TAU 90 2018 Trinity FSK Skates

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Introducing the newest member of the Powerslide freestyle family - the Powerslide TAU 90 2018 Trinity FSK Skates. 

Powerslide have designed this skate to bridge the gap between freestyle and Tri-skating, meaning the TAU 90 can be used for pretty much any discipline of skating, whether it be speedy city cruising or slalom for example, the TAU 90 offers you the best of all worlds. Take a minute to look past the incredible aesthetics of the TAU 90 and let’s delve into the technical aspects of this skate that make it really special. Underneath the sleek grey/black colourway covering you’ll find a compression-moulded carbon fibre shell, the same material and process used in F1 cars and high-end race bikes.  Not only is this shell lighter then pretty much any other skate on the market, it’s also one of the most rigid shells which will give you a noticeably more precise power transfer, great for picking up speed really quickly from your push off. Using this compression moulding also means Powerslide have very cleverly managed to anatomically build each skate for left and right feet, where as most skates are symmetrically built. This anatomical construction gives you an over all better fit and again, increases the overall performance of the skate. Very clever indeed. You’ll also notice a re-inforced toe-cap on this TAU 90 which will increase the longevity of this skate over time, especially for freestyle skating where the potential risk of tearing the toe area of your boot is ever present. The cuff is rigid and supportive, including a mixture of fibreglass to add to the rigidity and overall support you’ll need in every style of skating. As with the shell, inside the boot you’ll find a new anatomically designed ‘speed-foam’ padding to grasp all the essential area’s of your feet you’ll need to give you a super precise, comfortable ride. An upper and mid ratchet strap have been included with the TAU 90, with the waxed laces, you’re feet will be locked and loaded with comfort and ease. Underneath the boot you’ll find absolutely no compromises in quality, the new Trinity Katana frame is rocker-able… a rocker-able Tri-Frame?! Yes. Powerslide really have opened the door to freestyle Tri-skating here, and it works a treat. Of course, this frame is Trinity mounted meaning energy transfer and stability are increased greatly. Coming in 3 sizes, depending on the size of your skate (see size chart below), this new frame really does allow for precise freestyle skating with no compromises. Undercover 90mm wheels are included with the TUA 90, Undercover are poured straight in the USA and are renowned for their quality and performance, 88A softness gives these wheels the perfect mixture of grip and durability, matched with the ever popular WCD Twincam ILQ9 bearings and you have one the best set-ups available straight out of the box. 

Katana Rocker Trinity Frame Sizing: 

EU38 - 39 : 215mm (8.5”) 

EU40 - 41 : 225mm (8.9”)

EU42 - 46 : 235mm (9.3”)

Size tip: They fit regular to your trainer size. If, however, you are in doubt or between sizes please buy a size bigger.

Worried about size? Don't. We offer a free UK size swap.

Watch Powerslide rider Toni Casto on his Powerslide Tau plus Katana 3x90mm skate set-up: 

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5 stars TAU 90 - wow Written by

Wow. What fantastic skates. Genuinely light (much lighter than the Seba equivalents - compare the weights on the grindhouse website). The boot is a revelation. Comfortable but fantastic support. After many FR1's and FSK's this is a skate where every movement of your foot transfers to the skate. And with the three point mounting the deck height is the same as my FR1's on 80mm. I cannot recommend enough. Thanks to loco skates for their patient assistance.

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Hi I'm interested in the Tau 90 Trinity 2018 or the Evo Pro 90 Trinity 2018. I have mainly been skating on Bauer Vapor hockey boots (Hi-Lo) which have been fantastic but the lacing aspect of these skates are a bit of a chore. Having said that I really enjoy the stiffness that these hockey boots provide, I feel confident with the support that they provide so have been apprehensive about upgrading to a hi-end modern boot mainly because the hard shell doesn't cover the top of the foot and the design seems a bit soft. I'm generally just street skate but I'm quite heavy on my feet so I want something that will stand the test of time. The trinity frames are appealing because of the suggested power transfer advantage. With regards to sizing I generally wear a UK 11 but need to double up with two pairs of thick socks with my current skates so I'm considering a UK 10. The length of my feet is 28.9cm. Any advice you can offer on these products or any other suitable tri-skates. Thanks in advance. Raz

Hi Raz, there is so much I can go into here! Skate fitting and performance is a really subjective topic. The Tau does offer more "stiffness" than a typical plastic shell, I think - so it may be closer to what you are familiar with a hockey skate. If you are willing to sacrifice the Tri-Skate for a traditional 4 wheel skate then the Seba High Light Carbon 2016 Skates would be a great option for what you are looking for. Both the Tau and the High Light Carbon are robust skates with precision performance. Plenty of other options though, which I can't go into here but you are welcome to give the shop a call and we'll be happy to go into more detail. Cheers, Harry!

Why would I choose the Tau over the HC Evo trinity? I've seen the previous question and reply which leaves me wondering whether I'd really notice the difference, other than in my bank balance...Pete

Hi Pete, it uses compressed carbon fibre (which is used on F1 cars and Superbikes) and has a 'pain-free' fit system. So, the production costs are higher. Aside from this, it is a newer model skate, with updates and variations on older Powerslide models (including the HC EVO) which makes it a higher price point. Cheers, Harry!

How come this skate is almost 100 pounds more than the Powerslide Hardcore Evo Pro Trinity considering that evo's have a heat-moldable shell and an additional toe strap? Frame and bearings are the same on both skates. The wheels on tau's are a tad better + wax laces but that really does not add up to the price difference. Artem

Hi Artem, you are right, as they are a similar skate. The main difference is that the Tau uses compression-moulded carbon fibre, which makes the fit quite unique (it's the same material and process used in F1 cars). Whilst the Hardcore Evo uses an inferior carbon process. With this, plus the Undercover wheels, gives them a higher price. Cheers, Harry!

Hello, I am looking to get these but I am unsure about the sizing. Iím currently a 44EU on the 2016 Kaze boot. What size would you recommended for these? I prefer to have a loose midfoot and tightness at the ankle and cuff. Aaron

Hi Aaron, these skates fit regular to your shoe size so there shouldn't be too many dissimilarities between the same size in a Kaze. They are different skates so will feel different, though. As for the midfoot, it's hard for me to speak in absolutes as my feet will be shaped differently to yours, but I had no concerns about tightness - Again, subjectively, I like a snug skate. Cheers, Harry!

1) are Tau boots heat mouldable? 2) I currently use Bont wedges between the frame and boots of my 2015 Hardcore Evos to correct pronation of my right foot - can these be used with Trinity frames? ...or is there an equivalent system? Alastair

Hi Alastair, the Tau boots are not heat mouldable. But, they have a sophisticated system that adapts to the anatomy of your foot (replicating heat moulding) which starts to set in after 2-4 sessions. As for Bont wedges, they make 3 Point Carbon Shims for "three-point frames" which come in packs of twelve. Something else to consider is that the Evo is often reported to have a higher ankle than the Tau. Cheers, Harry!

Hi, Would you have any idea about how those skates size compared to the Seba high series?

They're both a pretty true-to-shoe size fit. The TAU's take a bit more time to fullly loosen up and get realy comfy though. Gaston. 

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