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Oysi Grey Frames

Oysi Grey Frames

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The UFS aggressive frame market has a new member, a very unique, interesting member. Introducing the Oysi Frame. 

With the benefits of skating a flat set-up of bigger wheels becoming more widely recognised, the bright sparks behind Oysi designed a frame with the potential to rocker your flat set up of wheels in multiple different ways to suit your style of skating - this is a technique widely used in the freestyle/slalom and hockey skate scenes but is rare in the aggressive skating scene, especially with the lack of equipment with this functionality.

The Oysi frame houses two different size wheels, smaller in the middle and larger on the outer. The larger outer wheels function to keep your speed better and the smaller inner wheels are better for a) Creating more grind space on the groove and b) Being able to build a frame which is low in height without the middle wheels hitting the UFS bolts (a standard UFS engineering problem!). You have the choice to skate the size of wheels which best suit you. Make the middle wheels slightly larger to create a 'rocker' system for better manoeuvrability or balance the size of the wheels so they all touch the ground at the same time (flat set up) which is best for stability and speed. You make the rules.

This frame really is revolutionary and will inevitably open up a whole new set of tricks for any skater who decides to use them. Exciting times! 

The Oysi frames do require a little soul plate modification if using wheels bigger than 65mm on the outside, but it's very easy to do - for your convenience some information is presented below but of course you are welcome to contact us for further support if needs be; Remember, we're all skaters here at Loco Skates. 

Please see the Oysi rockering guide table below to figure out the best set-up for you. We (Loco) recommend using them with 72mm wheels on the outside and 60mm wheels on the inside for the best experience. The frames are quite long so riding the 72/60 set-up creates a small rocker which allows you to turn more easily. (tip: If you want high quality 72/60mm wheels which all  to look the same; Go Project have a 72mm and 60mm wheel)

Oysi Modification Template HERE

Oysi suggested set-ups:

72/60/60/72 - SLIGHT ROCKER (0.45mm)

72/59/59/72 - FLAT

70/58/58/70 - SLIGHT ROCKER (0.45mm)

70/57/57/70 - FLAT

68/56/56/68 - SLIGHT ROCKER (0.45mm)

68/55/55/68 - FLAT

65/53/53/65 - SLIGHT ROCKER (0.45mm)

65/52/52/65 - FLAT

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Hi there just wondering when these will be back in stock it says pre order for June/July? Cheers 😊

Hey Charles. They came back into stock today! So shipping now, whenever you are ready to order. Jake.

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