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JD Bug Pro Street Scooter Black

JD Bug Pro Street Scooter Black

The ever so popular JD Bug Pro Street in black. Bring it on....

 £54.95Estimated Delivery Time: 1-2 working days

About JD Bug scooters

JD Bug scooters are recognized as being one of the most popular scooter brands to date. Imported into the UK around 1999, JD Bug has gone from offering the Original JD Bug scooter to offering a wide range of scooters and accessories for all types of riding. The JD Bug Pro Street was launched in 2010 and has completely dominated the entry level market with its attractive price, build quality, and stylish looks.

The JD bug Pro street is foldable but is still built well enough to handle some trick scootering. JD Bug bolt kits can lock the folding mechanism and provide a more responsive ride when doing tricks. The Pro Street is customizable but why do that when JD Bug already does it so well with its limited edition scooters? Released only a few times a year in specific quantities, the JD Bug limited edition Pro Street scooters are hot hot hot! They don't stay in stock for very long so if you come across a version/colour combination that you love, you better jump on it because there won't be any left when you look again. Currently the limited edition Pro Street from JD Bug is the version 9 ie VE9.0 and comes in Riviera Blue and Orange. Locoskates also stocks a wide range of JD Bug scooter accessories and has Custom JD Bug scooter options available.