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Is my Hoverboard / Swegway going to explode or catch fire?

Is my Hoverboard / Swegway going to explode or catch fire?

[Update 17/12/15] The last couple of days has seen the UK tabloids and the BBC focus on unsafe versions of hoverboards. We'd like to strongly re-iterate that the brands we are selling have passed all necessary safety requirements and have been approved by Trading Standards in the UK. We are a specialist store and have eleven years experience in selling high-end items, we pre-empted the safety issues being written about now back in September/October which is why all our products are now fully compliant and safe to sell. The major high street retailers who have removed the boards from their inventories have done so because a number of boards were imported without CE compliant charger plugs. Their boards have been taken off sale until they can lab-test all the charger units and (if necessary) import new ones. After the bad press this week we'd speculate that many of those retailers might not return the hoverboards / swegways to their shelvles.

Eighty eight percent of Self Balancing Boards brought into the UK did not pass the required safety checks from Trading Standards, that's around 15,000 boards at the time of writing this. As a result most retailers, including John Lewis, Halfords, Cost Co and Argos have stopped selling boards and recalled many. Most boards were unfit for sale because of the charger plug, charging adaptor or the battery. Many brands sold boards with charger plugs that did not have a fuse fitted or an 'overcharge protector', including one brand which brought many thousands onto the high street and other brands which claimed to be the 'biggest' or 'leading' manufacturers online. In some cases, as a result of overcharging, batteries have exploded and charging units have caught fire. The product WE are selling is safe and Trading Standards compliant.

The skate industry is used to dealing with high-end products and strict quality control. Pro level products need to be of a high enough standard to meet the expectations of stores like us (LocoSkates). As a result, the distributors who have brought swegway hoverboards into the skate shops have paid particular attention to detail and the safety standards required without cutting corners. The long delays to swegways we experienced back in October/November means that we are not experiencing the problems that other shops are now, because the brands we sell have already been lab-tested and passed safety checks.

Here's the latest BBC watchdog piece on the problem boards. The segment starts at 28:48..

All the brands we sell are from the twelve percent of boards in the UK which have been certified safe by UK Trading Standards. All our boards have passed the 5-point safety checks which cover the following:

  • Plug Unit tested (EC certified)
  • Cable and shielding tested. (TS)
  • Battery tested (TS)
  • EC declaration certificate (EC)
  • Technical file submitted. (TS)

Please see all safety certificates for the Evolution Board below:

The underlying point is... No, the brands we sell are not going to explode or catch fire.

See our range of Swegway hoverboards.