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Intuition Skate V2 Liners

Intuition Skate V2 Liners

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The Intuition Skate liner is back for 2018 with a V2 model, The Intuition Skate V2 liners were developed alongside inline skaters to improve the fit and maximize the energy transfer in skates with removable liners. The lightweight lace up style liner has a low volume mid-foot and high-density toe box to provide a closer fit and better compatibility with narrow fitting skates, The V2 features ventilation holes around the mid and toe box of the liner. At the back of the liner underneath the heel, you will find an adhesive patch area to attach the included shock resistant heel dampeners. Intuition has provided a second alternative thickness cuff wrap with a durable Velcro adhesive and feels strong yet lightweight.. The black that comes as standard is the thicker more sturdy and the gold replaceable is slightly thinner and more malleable so you have the choice to suit your needs/ style. When you touch and feel the intuition liner every piece of the material feels premium and no corner cut in terms of build quality.  It doesnt get any better, treat your feet to the best liner money can buy. 

This model can be worn out-of-box, as well as heat moulded for a custom fit.

Features: Asymmetrical J Bars, Low volume mid foot , High density toe box, Low volume power wrap, High impact heel wedges, 7mm Sole.

Dimensions: Height (cm): 16-20cm, Weight (grams): 300-490g

We have found that the liners fit well in almost all skates including skates with a high cuff like the Razor SL or Shift.

Size Chart:

S 6-6.5 39-40 7-7.5
M 7-8 41-42 8-9
L 9-9.5 43-44 10-10.5
XL 10-12 45-47


Size Tip: Some people have reported the liners to feel a little large for their size. As a result we'd recommend you not to 'size up' (ie if you are a uk8.5 don't buy the 'uk9 - uk9.5' liners, but the uk7-uk8 instead). You may be able to buy a size down if you are on the lower end of one of the size ranges, however our general advice would be to buy your regular size and fill out the liner with extra footbeds if you feel that you need to reduce the volume inside. This will ensure the liner fits snugly in the skate shell.

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5 Average Rating 5/5 (3 reviews)
5 stars Buy this Written by

High quality product, super comfortable and improves your control. Buy a shoe dryer with this.

5 stars Fit large, long break-in, but worth the money. Written by

TLDR: They come up larger than expected, take a long time to break in, but are worth the money and the wait. I’m a UK 10.5 in most trainers and skates so I ordered size XL, which were huge. More than an inch of space in front of my toes and they were hard to shove into a size 11 RB solo shell. I returned them for size L and they fit great. I’d recommend measuring your feet and order based on the cm size (on intuitions site) rather than shoe size. I didn’t find them that comfortable at first and was getting a totally numb right foot after about an hour of skating. This was in Solos and M12s, both shells in my usual size. After heat molding with a hairdryer (twice) and swapping the wrap for the thinner black one they formed to the shape of the boot and felt a bit more comfortable, but still very tight around my right foot. After approx 12-15 hours in them they are now starting to feel really nice. I’ve taken the Velcro wrap off completely to allow more flex and a bit more space to tighten the skate buckles, as I was getting quite a bit of heel lift previously and they felt amazing last time I used them. So, patience is the key, maybe some long distance sessions with them in a rec boot would break them in quicker.

5 stars Bite the bullet. Written by

if you are anything like me you have probably looked at these liners time and time again, but something is stopping you buying them! The price tag. We'll it did me for a very long time. I couldn't understand why a pair of liners would cost more than some skates that come with liners and wheel and frames etc. Well take it from me they are worth every penny, I have tried these in my razor shifts and my valo skates both skates they work wonders in. I am not all clued up on the technology with these liners, but they allow you to down size and even have the padded stiffness behind it or not depending what velcro backing you decide to use. I am very happy with my purchase and even more so that they are now sold in the UK as they were only available in Canada for years I believe. I did alot of back ground information on these and people are still using them years after they bough them in many different skates so that was an investment in its self. Five out of five.

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Hi there, i'm Skating a Razors Cult shell size 43-45 EU and in shoes i have 45 EU! I'm not shure about XL, it is maybe to big for the Cult shell... And the L one is maybe to small for my feet.. Wish one should i order? Kind regards Phil

So EU43-45 is the UK9-10 Cult shell, You're UK10 in shoe size (EU45) - it sounds like the Large size will be fine for you actually- if you read the little note we put on the product description you'll see that some people report that the Intuition liners feel a little big so the Large size should work for you. Liners are super light in weight so if you did get the wrong size, it's pretty easy to ship back to us for a size swap. Gaston. 

Hey guys, just got some shifts to downsize, I got the 9-10 shell I believe. what size intuition would be best? think i'll get away with the L or have to get the XL im quite sure the L will be fine but ive never even seen these so cant really guesstimate haha, thanks always. Jord

Hi Jord, I think for the UK9-10 shell size the large will be a better fit for you. The XL is for size UK 10 and above so will likely come up big. These liners can be a little tight at first (if you are unsure about the smaller size), but that is totally normal with these - they break in perfectly after a few sessions. Cheers, Harry!

So I am a size 10 - 11 in trainers but boots that are a 10/11 she'll feel too big. Too much room in them. Not responsive enough. So am confused as to whether to get the XL or L. Skating size 28 28.5 Salomon. Steve

Hey Steve, in your case I think the XL will fit better in the skates you have. It's well known that these liners make skates more responsive - I can't say for sure that it will fix your issues but they seem to do the trick for a lot of people. Cheers, Harry!

hello , wich one will fill in my fr EUR-41 size ? Elisa

Hi Elisa, size medium is best for EU41. We don't have stock at the moment but we are expecting some more in the future. Cheers, Harry!

Hi, I recently got a pair of Seba FR1's size EU39/UK6 and they are perfect other than my big toes getting slightly squeezed against the side of the hardboot (the side, not the front). When I take the stock liner out and put my feet inside the hardboot itself, my feet fit in well (I also did this with size EU40 models and there I had too much unnecessary space in front of my toes), so I am quite convinced that FR1's size 39/UK6 are the right fit for me. Now I was wondering whether an intuition liner size S (UK6-6,5/EU39-40) would (1) fit into the FR1 size EU39 boot (considering that the intuition liner is also size EU40) and (2) if it would alleviate the issue of the stock liners being just a bit too thick for me (they have quite some padding around the heel), making my foot just a tiny little bit too cramped. It'd be lovely if you guys could test this out at the store (especially if you have a fellow over there with 24,7cm feet :p) Cheers! -Kasper

Hi Kasper, a small would work in the FR skates of that size and these are great liners for sizing down, creating more space and adding quality to the performance of the skate. The first generation version of this liner was designed specifically for the FR1! We are still waiting on a re-stock of these in your size, however. We're unsure when we will get them yet but hopefully soon. Cheers, Harry

Size M (8-9) Them Skates Shell, what size is recommended for a 8.5 shoe?

Hey Matthew, I would opt for medium (will be back in stock soon). Whilst it will be a snug fit at first they will break in after a few skates. Cheers, Harry

Hey guys, I was wondering how these fit in a pair of remz? I'd love to use a liner that is higher on the ankle in the skates, but every liner I try in remz is just too thick and means the skates are too tight to use (uk 5-6 shell). Is the toe area just as thin as remz liners? Or does the thick ankle area make these liners a tough fit for the boot? Any testing of this would really help me out.

Hi Matt - I just grabbed a pair of the intuiton liners and put them in the Remz HR 2.0 - they fit really well and we actually really dig the way the liner looks coming out of the skate a little higher. The toe area is thicker / more rigid than the remz but thats more so a good thing, the intuition liners will last literally years and years. JB. 

Hi, I was thinking buying this liner in uk 7-8 ( my feet are 8.5) to put in flying eagle f6 UK 9. Do you think they will be thick enough to fill the space of the FE's 9-10 shell ? Thanks,

Hmmm I think the liner may move around in the boot a bit, the Intuition liner is much thinner than the Flying Eagle Liner. You'd be better using the MyFit Fatboy Liners, which are thicker and much softer than the Flying Eagle liners. Or use the larger size Intuition in your boot, but then your foot may move around in the liner! I'd say the MyFit Fatboys will work better. Gaston.  

Looking at the size chart over at shop-task I would say I'm a 25cm liner (size S) would that be the same here? Wasn't sure if there was some strange conversation from Canada to UK... Ie UK 6 US 7 etc. :-)

Yep we would have used their sizing chart also, so UK6: size small. Gaston. 

Is this liner good for both urban skates and aggressive skates?

Yeh totally, it's just a great liner for all skating types! Gaston. 

Hi, great looking liner would this work in seba frx skate?

Hi Martin - Yeah these liners work great in Seba FR models. Thanks James 

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