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Go Project Cruise Bearings

Go Project Cruise Bearings

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Go Project Cruise bearings (formerly named ‘Speed’) are manufactured with smoothness in mind. A high precision bearing with extremely low torque maximising your free-roll time. Strong yet smooth, they are equally at home on the commute, in the park or indoors. They are tough too, so you can use them street skating or in the skatepark.

While Go Project Cruise bearings could be compared to an ABEC 9 rated bearing, Go Project does not use the generic ABEC scale to rate bearings because of its irrelevance to the specific tolerances imposed by skating. The quality of manufacturing and materials far surpass the importance of a rating based upon ‘revolutions per second’. The Cruise bearings simply have a Speciality Rating of 4.5/5 which represents their performance when used as a skate bearing. 

Bearing spacers sold separately.

Pack of 8 (fits out 4x skate wheels)

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5 Average Rating 5/5 (6 reviews)
5 stars Amazing bearings! Written by

I bought these for my Go Project Joe 65mm wheels. And damn do they feel good. Such a smooth roll. And also; they're amazingly quiet. My friend who also bought new bearings was jealous on how quiet these are. Great job!!

5 stars GO ahead, get a set! Written by
I have been pleasantly surprised by these bearings, having skated the high spec Themgoods pro bearings exclusively over the past few years I was worried these wouldn’t live up to the high standards set. I can safely say they are every bit as good if not better, only time will tell if they maintain the fast, smooth rotation.
5 stars Must buy! Written by
If you are looking for an upgrade to the standard abec 5 bearings then these are your boys! Super smooth and they cruise beautifully. Plus the guys at loco posted same day even though I ordered at 2pm. Recommended bearings and recommended site. Cheers guys!
5 stars My 'go to' bearings Written by

Since day one the Locoskate team have strongly endorsed the Go Project line up; and with good reason. I'm on my third set of cruise (speed) bearings. Trust me, this isn't a knock on the quality, it's because I'm swapping out all my old bearings to this product - it's that good! Ready to go out the box, superior quality and ultimately an excellent product. As others had said, a practically silent bearing. I am predominantly using these in indoor speed racing l and praise the bearings on the acceleration I can achieve and the low torque, they carry your speed considerably. Also play amateur roller hockey with these with no issue and also great outdoors. For the price you can't find a better product and highly recommend, you won't be disappointed with this or any of the Go project range.

5 stars Happy!!! Written by

I equipped them in Ground Control 64mm wheels to achieve the speed with which I am happy. I installed them on the Razors SL Yuri Botelho 2 Skates, and now I will replace anti rockers with the same set.

5 stars Project Go! Speed Bearings Written by

Got these bearings to put in some fresh 60mm undercover wheels. They are practically silent bearings, easily on par with the titen aragon abec 9's if not better! I would recommended these to anyone who wants to get speed with ease!

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Currently riding the stock setup Valo Tv.2’s but looking to upgrade the setup, will I need spacers for these bearings in the stock Valo wheels?

You can use the spacers you have if you like, they'll work fine. There is a special spacer made for these bearings though - the Go Project 8mm spacers  which work really well, but aren't essential, any 8mm spcaer will work. Gaston. 

product info says: Bearing spacers sold separately. But in another question you answer that they come with spacers. Which is it? :)

Thansk for pointing this out - the previous versions of the Go Project bearings did come with spacers in the pack, but these don't. You can use any spacers you like, but if you'd like some new ones grabdthe Go Project Laser cut spacers as well for sure. Gaston. 

Hi there,I'm about to purchase the 'Rollerblade Premium Hydrogen Wheels 84mm' for my SEBA rollerblades. I was just wondering whether these bearings will fit these wheels and how many will packs I need to buy? I intend to replaces all the wheels on both rollerblades so 8 wheels. Thank you.

One pack per skate, so you'll need 2 sets. On a side note - make sure your Seba skate can take 84mm wheels, the majority of Seba skates will allow up to 80mm wheels. If this is the case with your skates, don't worry, just get the Rollerblade Premuim Hydrogen 80mm wheels instead of the 84mm version. Gaston. 

Hi, I've got a pair of Seba High Lights that came with the Seba slalom bearings. As I do a lot of street skating, I'm looking for the bearings that will give me the most speed. Would you recommend these for a speed freak or should I look at other bearings? Thanks, Alex

Yep, absolutely. You could also look at the Go Project Richie Eisler bearings which are marginally better... or if you're feeling really freaky then the Bones Ceramics bearings (only one set left but more stock arriving tomorrow). The Go Project Full Ceramic bearings are also really good (and on sale) if you don't mind cleaning your bearings fairly often (as these are more of a 'race day' bearing). Jake.

c valable pour les roller doop freestyle 3

Bonjour! Oui, ce sont compatibles. Pour un patin à trois roues , vous aurez besoin d'acheter une quantité de deux paquets de roulements et vous aurez 4x beaings de rechange. Jake. 

How many In a pack

Good evening, I do hope we find you well! These come with 8 in a pack (to fit out 4 wheels). You can find all the product info you might need in the 'product info' tab under the main image of the product. Jake.

how many in a pack

8. Gaston. 

Do these come with spacers? and if not can I use the ones already in my skate? Also, will these fit the SEBA FRX 80 2015 wheels? Thanks!

They do come with spacers yes, but you could use yoru own spacers instead if you like. I'd recommend using the spacers that are provided with these bearings though, they are really well cut and perform REALLY well. Gaston. 

Are these ones water proof?

No these bearings are not waterproof. Due to their nature of moving parts, there are very few bearings that will actually stop water getting in if submerged. - Edd

Would these easily fit Valo Tv 2's?1

Yes. They will fit all wheels except for ones with Micro bearings (very rare). Jake.

Are these bearings sealed or do they have a shield? If so what type of cover is used? I can't decided if these bearings would be worth maintenance or to simply replace overtime.

You'll see from the picture that there is a shield on the inside of this bearing. You can perform some maintenance on these bearings, as you would with most bearings, but eventually you may need to replace bearings also. Gaston. 

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