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Go Project Crown Bearings

Go Project Crown Bearings

Go Project Crown Bearings
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Go Project Crown bearings are different. The bearings come with a copper ‘Crown Spacer’ which slots into the centre bore hole. Compatible with all regular skate wheels and frames, the Crown system enhances performance in several ways:

  • The majority of grit and dirt enters the bearing through the inner ring and the shield. The Crown spacer forms a cover over this area, reducing the intake of external elements.
  • The Crown spacer spreads the load of the rider across a wide plateau creating greater energy efficiency.
  • The Crown system shifts the position of the bearing away from the frame walls and deeper into the wheel, resulting in less damage and contamination from road debris.
  • They are an effective solution for poor energy transfer caused by frames with plastic frame spacers.

8 bearings
8 Copper Crown spacers

Will fit out 4x skate wheels, buy 2x packs to fit 8 wheels.

Regular spacers (for use between your bearings) are sold separately.

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5 Average Rating 5/5 (9 reviews)
5 stars Best bearings E.U Written by

I've been fruit booting for 21 years and these are the first bearings I've owned that weren't all purpose machinery bearings. For me, I could immediately tell these were designed with facilitating blading as their intended purpose. Narrower bearings that counter sink into the wheel profile with a dirt deflecting shield that extends to meet your frames spacers, it just makes sense. And when you fit them, look at them, spin them and actually ride them that's what you'll think too. It all makes sense now... It all makes sense.

5 stars The speed is real Written by

After buying two sets of these for my flat set up of 72mm wheels on GC bigs, I can't stress how great these bearings are fast perfectly fitted and the crown adds a level of protection I have never dreamed of. Cheers loco for the advice and quick delivery

5 stars Good but Noisy Written by

I was struggling with my skates due to worn out bearings. I decided to give these a go. The roll is spectacular, but there is some squeaking from the crown being fixed in place by the frames, while the bearing turns around the crown (on my setup). I added a bit of bearing oil to go between the crown and the bearing, and this seems to have fixed the squeaky noise issue.

5 stars Great bearings Written by
Got these for the boy and have used them for my own skates a couple of months now. Rolls great.
5 stars Seems fine Written by
Have only tried these few times but they seems fine with a nice roll. They can be a bit tight fitting in on some frames.
5 stars Great bearings Written by

been skating these bearings for a few weeks now, they are extremely smooth and very well priced, will definitely buy again

4 stars Good for 100% plastic frames Written by

I don't really think they're better than other premium bearings except when used in all plastic frames that don't have metal spacers, like the ground control flt freestyle. In those frames they really counteract the drawbacks of not having metal frame spacers. I've only been using them for a few weeks but so far they're fast, quiet and smooth.

5 stars Great Bearings Written by
Been rolling on the Go project Eislers for some time so I was reluctant to change. Used these once in the park so far and felt really nice, smooth and fast. A good buy, as always thanks Loco!
5 stars Best bearing's I have used Written by

The guys at Loco recommended that I try the new Crown bearings as oppose to the Richie Eisler Go Project bearings and these certainly don't disappoint. I will be ordering more when I wear out this set. If you want fast, smooth bearings these are the ones you want.

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what Spacers should I use with the Go Project BOW AND ARROW 110mm Wheels + Go Project Crown Bearings?

A standard 8mm spacer should work fine for you (assuming you are using 8mm axles)  if you have some spare just put them in and check they're OK, if you need to get some I'd advise trying some of the Powerslide 8mm Bearing spacers. Go Project actually do make spacers but they seem to work better on the standard Go bearings rather than the Crown Bearings. Gaston,  

Do the copper spacers create any extra space between the sidewall of the wheels and the sidewall of the frames? My wheels tend to get pinched and slow down when I tighten the axles even though I use spacers between my current bearings so I'm looking for a solution and thought the crowns might help.

The copper spacers primary function is to reduce the intake of external elements such as dirt etc, as well as to spread the weight of the rider across a wider plateau. It does also create a super stable ride so this may well help with your problem. Overall we cannot recommend the crown bearings enough; definately the best bearings on the market! JB.

Hey I was just wondering how good the copper spacers are. Would you recommend metal spacers over them. Shall I use the metal spacers that came with my twincan IL9 bearings? Is there much difference with a metal spacer and copper one?

Hmmm good question, i've never used copper spacers myself but I imagine they'd perform much the same as any other metal spacer. But yes use the spacers that came with your bearings, that sounds like the best idea. Gaston. 

is it possible to use the crown bearings if you already have metal spacers in your frame?(like if i was to not put the bronze spacer on my bearing) if so does it make a difference to the bones reds?

Yes of course, we all use these and have metal spacers in our frames, works a treat! Gaston. 

Would you suggest these to a street blader and also how long do they spin for straight out of the box?

Yes I would suggest these to a street blader, we're all street bladers and we use these ourselves. If you mean how long do the spin when spun in a wheel/frame with your hand, straight out of the box; they don't spin for long, no bearing does but this won't effect your skating, the proof is in how they perform when you're skating, and these perfrom great. Gaston. 

would there be any point in buying these over the other goproject bearings when you're riding GC FLT 3's that already have metal spacers?

Yep totally. The majority of frames include metal spacers now, so this wasn't the sole intention of these bearings. Have a read up about them, they're real good for multiple reasons! Gaston. 

Hi, are those bearings rustproof? Cheers

No they're not. It's rare to find a bearing that is totally rust proof but if you did want one - check the Wicked Twincam SUS Rustproof Bearings, they're rust proof. Gaston. 

When will (more than one of) these be back in stock?

I've just updated this for you, yes we have more then one set in stock. Gaston. 

Hi! Could be posible to put them on k2 unnatural 2016? my skates have 6mm axels. thanks.

That's a very good question, but yes they'll work - you'll just need to make sure you use the 6mm spacers from your current wheel/bearing set up, then they'll work fine. Gaston. 

Ok. So how would you recommend cleaning these bearings? Would it be the same process as any other? I feel like ive basically destroyed them on the first outing. They went through some real shit! 20-30 ft long ankle deep puddle (river) then a random pile of sand in the middle of the pavement and to top it off some muddy grass bank (I must add none of which was on purpose) They still roll freely and amazing but theres that gritty grinding sound coming from them. You know that I've had these things for a year and never cleaned them sound.

That sounds like one hell of a skate you went on! Yep you can clean these as you would any other bearings. If you have all the kit to do this, go for it - if you don't, you might want to weigh up the cost of the cleaning products vs. new bearings... Gaston. 

I bought some of the crown bearings recently but have yet to use them properly. I've put them into and brand new set of UC T-rex wheels. I was rolling round my house and and hearing a 'cracking' noise. I took the wheels off to have a look and when the bearing are on the frames there is quite a lot of side to side movement on only the back wheel of my left boot and only in a certain place. Do you think this could just be a faulty bearing? If so how can I go about getting a replacement? Many thanks.

Pop an email over to with details of your exact set-up (including spacers between the bearings) and we'll help Bertie, maybe include a short video of the issue also. Gaston. 

Hey Loco, I love the Eisler bearings and ive had them since they dropped on the website and there still going as strong as the day they were new. im going to get these for my fresh set of aeons this summer cause they look dope as and i love the technology in them. Is there a reason the crown doesnt go all the way to the out wall of the bearing. was just curious to know thanks.

That's a good question Ben. I'd recommend emailing Go Project directly for technical design questions - I don't have that answer myself. Gaston. 

Recently purched the razor sl reds I'm struggling to get enough speed around the park from the stock bearings. I want to be getting lots of speed to get round the park what ball bearings will be best for this ? Cheers.

Hey Ryan - I'd certainly recommend these as a super quick bearing, most of us at the shop are riding on them. I'd also consider changing your wheels too though as this can make just as much (if not more) difference to your speed than bearings. You'll find that much of the time the 'stock' wheels which come on skates are not as fast as a good 'aftermarket' wheel. Have a look at our aggressive skating wheels section to see what suits you best. I hear that specifically for speed the Worapoj BHC wheels are good. Jake.

Hey, so, super cool and interesting! I just wondered, what is the roll like, how does it compare to say the other Go Project bearings? Or, does the crown just negate that many issues that they aren't really comparable? Seeing as it has a thinner size, does it have more balls than a regular bearing? Looking forward to trying some out.

In terms of the quaity of the bearings and their components, these are on par with the other Go Project bearings, specifically the more high end versions as these are comporable to Abec 9 bearings. The Crown bearings have seven balls in them, the traditional number of balls used for bearings. The real benefit of these bearings is the built in spacers - they really do yeild a fantastic roll by minimising any resistance between your frame/wheel/bearings. Try them out, you won't be dissapointed! Gaston. 

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