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Discount My Crew

Discount My Crew

If you and your squad roll deep but your pockets are less so, have a look at our new crew discounts (EU only):

Buy 3 pairs of skates
> get 10% off your total price

Buy 4 pairs of skates > get 15% off your total price

buy 5 or more pairs of skates > get 20% off your total price


Here's the terms:

  • EU orders only. Apologies we cannot apply this deal to orders outside of the EU (you will get a 16.6% tax discount on your order anyway!)
  • Offer can not be used to purchase items with an existing discount
  • Applies to complete or boot-only skates, all styles (including aggressive, freestyle, recreational and quad)

  • Just apply the code we will send you at the checkout to use the offer

  • Can be used on sale items
  • You can include other items on top of your order and the relevant discount will also be applied to those items (i.e add a T-shirt and some extra wheels to your order for 3x pairs of skates and receive the 10% discount on those items too)

  • Offer can only be used for skates held in stock (ie items shown on our website, not 'special order' items)

  • If any skates are returned for a refund your refund will be adjusted to reflect the new discount amount applicable to your original order and the quantity of skates you bought in that order. This adjustment will apply to your WHOLE original order of course. (e.g if you ordered three pairs of skates and return one then you are no longer entitled to the crew discount and therefore your refund on the returned pair of skates will be adjusted so that the remaining two pairs of skates have been charged at full price)
  • LocoSkates reserves the right to retract the offer if the code is used without fulfilling the required criteria