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Can't See Your Size?

Can't See Your Size?

We're the UK's largest stockist of skates. Occasionally you might not be able to see your size though. HOWEVER, there's a chance it's still available...

Call us or email us (01323 411030 / to find out if the size you want is due back in stock in the next few days or if there is a similar item available immediately (there often is!)

In case you were interested, here's how it all works:

We run a LIVE stock system. This means that 98% of what you see on our website is physically here in stock in our storage facilities in Eastbourne, Sussex. Many of our competitors display alot of items which they don't physically have in stock with a view to ordering them from the supplier once they have taken your order. We call this 'Phantom Stock'. Not only is this deceptive but it will delay your delivery time. There's also a good chance the Phantom Stock is infact not available due to the ever-changing stock levels of the supplier, so you'll complete your order and then receive the dreaded 'Item Unavailable' email a day or two later from the shop/website. (This can still happen with LIVE Stock, but alot less!)

If an item or a particular size is no longer in stock then it will no longer be shown on our website, up until the point it returns to stock. (pretty basic stuff!). So if you can't see your size it could be that it is due back into stock within a few days. So it's a good idea to call or email us if you really want that item.

We replenish stock as often as possible. We re-order from many of our suppliers around every 1-2 weeks. 

Discontinued items:

The skate industry is always bringing out new products, so naturally we discontinue old lines to make room. However, sometimes the item may still be available from our supplier even if Loco (us) has discontinued the line. In this case we can special order it for you at your request. Call us or email us.

Replacement models:

Many of the skate companies will release almost identical models of skates one after the other. They just make small colour changes or advertise that a component has been improved (ie 'new improved liner'). If the item you wanted isn't available in your size then there's an extremely good chance that there is a very very similar model that IS available in your size. Again, worth speaking to us because we can advise you on this.

:-) Loco