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Buyers Guide for Electric Swegway board

Buyers Guide for Electric Swegway board

You’re probably confused about the Swegway board. Why are so many companies selling them under different names? Why are some so much more expensive than others? …and if you buy one will your house catch on fire? You’re probably wondering which is the best Swegway hoverboard to buy and which models to avoid. Read on.

Allow us to explain:
There’s a whole host of companies marketing the electric self balancing scooter board under different names and there appears to be about 5 or 6 factories in China producing this mini segway for these companies at the time of writing this. There are far too many companies to name now, but every Tom, Dick and Harriet with an instagram account or a 'pop-up' website fancies themselves a re-seller. As a general term we are calling them Swegways which, along with Hover Boards (ridiculous, isn't it!) seems to have caught on nicely here in the UK.

How to choose the right brand:
Nobody owns the rights to the patent currently. Some of the first companies to brand and market the boards (i.e. stick their sticker on it and send one to Justin Beiber!) are charging up to three times the price for the same spec product repackaged (American Brands io Hawk and Phunkeeduck). There IS some variations between different factory made models though. We've tried lots of samples including some of the brands held in mainstream UK retailers.  Based on these tests and component quality differences we’ve found three brands we are truly happy with; the Razor Hovertrax 2.0, the Frenzy Balance Board and iskute hoverboard

Why we think the Hovertrax, iSkute and Frenzy are the best choices:

  • Battery - The Frenzy and iSkute come as standard with a Class A 5c LIthium battery. The Razor Hovertrax is a little more advanced with a quick release self contained battery with LG cells (as in, LG the reputable electronics brand). They are all high quality, hold their charge well and are most importantly safe. The result of having these quality batteries is faster acceleration of the board and double the life of the battery. A cheaper board may have a class B or class C battery fitted or even worse a battery which is not compliant with UK safety regulations. Contrary to some early reports provided by some hoverboard sellers it is, of course, not necessary to have a Samsug battery in your hoverboard for it to be safe.
  • UK mains plug - Our boards are from reputable UK distributors. They have made sure that there is a UK mains plug to charge your Swegway. Imports and many other brands will have a Chinese or USA charger plug. A lot of individual sellers are importing direct from China without considering charger compatibility.The Frenzy board even comes with an extra EU adaptor plug in the box.
  • Warranty -  We’ve sourced the boards from UK based importers which means any warranty issues are upheld right here by the supplier. This does NOT increase the price of the board, we’ve swallowed that cost for you. We (LocoSkates) are the leading supplier of inline skates in the UK. All warranty issues are dealt with swiftly, professionally and fairly.
  • Price - Coming in at a nice £350 for the Frenzy board, £289 for the iSkute and £399 for the Razor Hovertrax these boards are the lowest price Electric skateboards without compromising on quality (ie battery, the materials used for each component and reliability)
  • Responsiveness - We've tested many other brands and the Frenzy, iSkute and Razor segway boards come out top. The Frenzy is responsive on the touch and quick to turn. The iSkute, while not quite as sensitive offers very equal voltage distribution to each wheel, giving it a very smooth overall feel while the Razor Hoverborad is designed from scratch and uses 'self-levelling' technology for easier and safer mounting.
  • Safety - It sounds like scare-mongering, but there really has been a bunch of housefires caused by dodgy charging units! We've received several samples which did not have EC standard chargers. One was even supplied by a brand supplying some VERY BIG high street retailers. iSkute, Frenzy and Razor have spent months getting all the correct certifications for ALL components (not just the charger).
  • Tested in Store first - This is an electrical item and can potentially arrive with some calibration or electronics issues. We test every board here in the shop before it is dispatched to make sure you don't get a dud. We seem to be the only shop advertsing this service at the moment.

If you want some more objective information about the 'electric balancing boards' in general (because admittedly we ARE selling the things) Then have a look's video guide on buying a board. (Update 18/12/82 This article is a little dated now!)

Why so many odd websites selling these?
It’s a new product and large scale distribution has not yet been established. Many one-man outfits (including a few celebrities) have started to source boards from China and sell them on rush-job websites. You might want to think about how this could affect your delivery efficiency or aftercare (especially if Souljaboy is packing your orders himself!). Amazon seems to have hundreds of differently branded boards at various prices with varying reviews (some with obvious fake-reviews from the manufacturing companies). Alot of these seem to be coming from outside of the EU which will attract import tax once they land at UK customs. 

Why buy from LocoSkates?
We were one of the first well-established online retailers in the UK holding stock of the Swegway boards, even before the big high street retailers jumped on the bandwagon. Having handled and used these products for longer than other retailers we feel that we have a wider knowledge base when it comes to these (that's ALL staff.... there's only six of us!)  Stock is held and dispatched from our brick and mortar store here in Eastbourne (near Brighton) in the UK, so you will not receive any unexpected import tax like if you order from outside of the EU. All Swegway orders are sent with free delivery. We are industry leaders for inline skates so used to dealing with high value UK and international orders on a day to day basis. We are on the phone 7 days a week to answer queries or any warranty issues.

Celebrity Endorsements:
If you’ve been managing to steer clear of social media then you might not have seen that ALL the celebrities are loving off these boards! Lily Allen, Beiber, Zoella, Souljaboy, Brooklyn Beckham, Snoop, Chris Brown, one of the Kardashiens… in fact, it’s enough to put you off. Let’s not mention this ever again.

THIS dude

Now you know the basics have a look at our range of boards by following the link below. You can see all product specifications in the product description. If you are still unsure about anything please contact us by phone, email or through the ‘questions’ tab on the product page.

LocoSkates team. 

See our range now: Swegway / Hoverboard - Mini Segway Boards

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