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Valo Sizemore Overview

Valo Sizemore Overview

It's a lovely spring day here in Sussex... and the Valo Sizemore skates have arrived into the world like a newborn lamb... (albeit with a slightly easier, less gruesome delivery).

I'll spare you all the schpeel. This boot mould has been around for 30 years so you should know it by now. Here's the important bits:

  • The Sizemore liner looks very similar to the previous Impala liner, although Joby here at the shop assures me they feel 'different' (he is a seasoned Valo / Roces skater). The carry hook is smaller!
  • They don't fit small like the Broskow model. They feel regular to size.
  • They look really cool in all-black in real life. It all looks very matte, apart from that classic gloss toe of course.
  • Here's the important bit: The plastic is different. The cuff and boot both feel noticeably stiffer than previous models. So they are better.

Side note: You can fit 64mm wheels on with GC Featherlite frames if you are using the right size combinations. Not that you can actually get hold of any 64mm wheels right now! See picture below. JE.

Available at all good rollerblading shops of course!


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