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Heads Up | Matt Smith

Heads Up | Matt Smith

Look what these sick guys are doing., Thanks for the exclusive content. JE...

Photos by Sam Cooper.


Matt says: I’m pretty lucky to have someone that loves to take photos of blading move so close to me, especially when you consider that I live in the middle of nowhere in South Devon. It’s another person to skate with (when his knees are working), but more than that, blading with Sam is always fun. Even shooting this photo of a savanna on a freezing cold January night in a Plymouth multi-story car park was a laugh… it would have been far too easy to take the option of staying in the warmth of the local indoor skatepark, but definitely for the better, we decided to brave the weather and get out skating street on the coldest of winters nights!


In contrast to the previous photo, this shot was taken back in the summertime, in a village about 16 miles outside of Plymouth; The complete back and beyond! It’s not what you would expect to find driving through the rolling hills and endless fields of Devon. Both the scenery and weather couldn’t be any more different from that cold car park we were at the other night. I used to have an idea in my head when I was younger that street skating in England was forever cursed, by terrible weather and lack of good spots. Nowadays I know I just wasn’t opening my mind to what we do have. I guess that if you want to skate street bad enough, and are struggling for spots, then look harder… with a bit of luck and the right people, even in a field in Devonyou can make it happen.

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