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Flip Out | Richie Eisler

Flip Out | Richie Eisler

Here's a shot I took of Richie Eisler while filming for his 'Upside Down Skates' edit which dropped this week. The concept, which was conceived over ten years ago but began in October last year, was to come out with something unexpected for a bored audience of aggressive skaters. What would you be expecting the most from Richie: A heel makio? A technical street extravaganza somewhere in Asia? A solid selection of switch tricks? Actually, he delivered on the latter of those criteria. (Don't be fooled by the reverse camera angles... Richie DOES, in fact, do a switch misty flip, switch corkscrew, switch flat 3 and Switch Flatspin 540 in the it again). The result was a full-length skatepark edit with exclusivity on being inverted.

Richie had just a few flip tricks in his arsenal before he began filming. The original idea was to film 16 flip tricks... working title: 'Sweet Flipsteen'. Cute. Although that got scrapped when he reached flip 17 in January and then flip 23 in March and then 30 in May. The final tally was 33.

Flip tick list from around November.

The majority of the footage was filmed here in the UK over winter. We have some pretty great indoor skateparks come to think about it. Unit 23 in Glasgow and Adrenaline Alley in Corby are two of Europe's biggest. The final edit was aptly named 'Upside Down Skates'. Perfect as it's the promo video for Richie's new USD Aeon skate which was released alongside the new Nick Lomax model this month. Here's the video again...

Photos/Words: Jake Eley



Flat 5 at The Base Skatepark in Bognor.
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