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Adapt Hyperskate

Adapt Hyperskate

The surgeon made a right botch job of my knee last year so I've been getting a lot of my kicks out of whizzing past cars/cyclists on the way to work in the morning. I'm now at a full level of acceptance that a Rec / Freestyle skate gives you better cruising performance than a 'big wheeled frame' bolted onto an aggressive boot. I'd personally endorse the idea of skating something slender and fitted if you want the fastest / most controlled / best feeling skate for commuting and not doing tricks. Don't worry you don't have to make a cameo in Baywatch. Adapt steps up to the 'cruising' market (shall we call it cruising? I like that) and they are not messing about. They're keen to strip the cruising market of its lycra clad image and the Adapt Hyperskate 'Zero' is a great start.

Firstly, the pictures I've uploaded aren't the Adapt skate as it was meant to be skated... much to the dismay of Pieter (Adapt Co-owner) who is an absolute engineering purist. I could see the disappointment in his eyes when I told him I was going to put a 243mm frame on the skates (for 80mm wheels).  The skate actually comes as standard with a 260mm Adapt frame fitted with 84mm wheels. I'll try them out later. In the meantime, the set up consists of:

Set Up:
-Adapt Hyperskate Zero Boot EU41 (with electrical tape stuck over the heel for the all-black look!)
-Seba Deluxe Copper frames
-Go Project Prototype 80mm wheels
-Go Project Full Ceramic Bearings x8
-Go Project Richie Eisler Bearings x8

Luckily I got all the components cheaper than usual thanks to these lovely companies... but if you do the maths the set-up works out at around £800 retail!!!.... so probably the most expensive skate I've ever touched. To be fair a large chunk of that is the Go Project Full Ceramic bearings (more on those in a later article). The Adapt complete skate will actually only retail at around €550 when it's released (£390/$580) so it sits in a price bracket similar to that of the Seba SX skates and a bit higher in price than the Powerslide Hardcore Evo skates.

I won't bang on about it. They are really fucking good though, obviously. (I'd hope so at 800 quid). The main selling point is their 'responsiveness'. It's unmatched. I've not skated anything like it... like nowhere near. This is down to the one piece minimal carbon boot which is cut very low around the foot (it's a full on 'soft boot' apart from pretty much the base of the skate) and is really stiff where it needs to be. In fact, they are so stiff you get a lot of vibration on rough surfaces. It doesn't matter because you still keep your speed (your speed-energy is not absorbed by the materials in the boot). I heat-molded them so it feels like every part of the inside of the boot is touching my foot. Again, this makes for supreme control as I've never felt before. They have a molded orthotics insole too which is a nice touch and the laces are waxed so they grip the eyelets and you can get them as tight as you like without the need for extra straps (extra weight) although I have to say I've been riding them loose so I can get them off and on quickly on my commute (ahhh no sorry Pieter!!!). Oh yeah, they are the lightest skate ever by the way... and that may well not be an exaggeration. In a nutshell, the skate is all about control, control, speed, speed and control. here are loads more to the spec of the skates but you can go and read about that on Adapts website. I'm sure they'll have full info on this skate up soon.

These are due to be available to buy in a couple of weeks with the 260mm frame and 84mm wheels.






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